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It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. It has been a busy season here at Target Specialty Products. We are still working to fully integrate Residex into our business. Look for us on social media where the Target and Residex pages are in the process of being combined and be sure to visit The Advantage portion of our website that is regularly updated with great information for your business. Late summer pests like mosquitoes are plentiful this season. Look for tips on products to use with a long residual control, and much more in this month’s edition of The Advantage…


Health risks posed by mosquitoes
Mosquitoes vector malaria, Zika virus, encephalitis, West Nile virus, chikungunya and dengue fever among many other diseases. Aside from these serious health risks, the presence of mosquitoes is an annoyance to anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Common mosquitoes in the U.S.
Over 150 species of mosquitoes have been identified in the U.S., but the three most significant genera are Aedes (yellow fever mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito), Culex (northern house mosquito, southern house mosquito) and Anopheles (common malaria mosquito).

Most urban mosquito species stay close to their breeding area to feed. Some mosquitoes feed actively during the day (Asian tiger mosquito), while others are most active at night (common malaria mosquito). When not feeding, adult mosquitoes rest in protected places, usually dark and damp areas with little air movement, which provides them with cover from the elements.
Mosquitoes can quickly locate humans and other warm-blooded animals as a result of their ability to perceive movement, sense heat and detect chemicals, such as odors and CO2 given off by humans and other animals.

Click here to learn more about Using Fendona CS insecticide against mosquitoes.

Product Spotlight
Fendona CS Insecticide 

Use Fendona CS insecticide against mosquitoes. Fendona CS insecticide offers an improved encapsulation process to provide enhanced residual control, virtually eliminating costly callbacks.

Economic and environmental sustainability
Fendona CS insecticide is an innovative formulation. It produces smaller particles with better rain fastness for broader coverage and more effective mosquito control. It also allows longer application intervals that reduce callbacks and labor costs.

Long residual for better protection
This is the reason leading professionals choose Fendona CS insecticide. Studies have shown it has up to 90-day residual control of mosquitoes on live plants.

SAfety moment
b2e0c08c-aa41-4c10-8cec-881ad2f4b6f2.png Ergonomics Safety

By Neal Lyon, Director of Compliance and Safety

Ergonomics is defined as the scientific study of how the human body performs tasks in the workplace. Practicing good ergonomics can reduce the risk of work-related muscular skeletal disorders (WMSD) and protect your workers. The following are some risk factors that contribute to WMSD: working in awkward postures, performing repetitive motions, heavy, frequent or awkward lifting and more. The pest management profession has many risk factors for WMSD. How long, how often and how much a person is doing a particular job puts them at greater risk. For training tips for your technicians and all of your employees we recommend the following video from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries...

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Business Spotlight - BREZDEN PEST CONTROL
Imagine. That’s what John Brezden did on December 8, 1980. On the very day that John Lennon was shot, John and Maria Brezden were beginning their business out of their garage. It was a day to go down in history for the Brezden family in more ways than one. John and Maria’s son had been born and named John Lennon prior to this date, making the day even more meaningful to them. 

Target Specialty Products, California Structural Pest Sales Representatives
Every June the Pest Control Operators of California Association hosts an annual Expo and Silent Auction.  Target Specialty Products has always co-hosted the Silent Auction to raise money for deserving organizations in the industry.  This year the chosen organizations were the UC Riverside Urban Entomology Endowed Research Chair and the West Coast Rodent Academy.  The silent auction depends solely on donations of money to purchase gifts to be auctioned off or a straight donation of a gift.  This year with the tireless efforts of Bobby Maston, Candy Dolan, Sylvia Kenmuir, Carolyn Sagara, Angie Romero, Gregg Gransie, Erik Smith, Natalee King and Brian Mac Queen, the auction raised $17,330 to be donated!

The auction is always a fun filled evening of customers mingling with their local sales and manufacturer representatives.  It can get competitive bidding on auction items that can range from an iWatch, Amazon echo, Bluetooth speakers, handbags, jewelry and kids toys but the emcee keeps the evening light and fun.  

It is a group effort to keep the auction a success every year.  A lot of time and organization has to be dedicated.  We are proud of our team who worked tireless to ensure the success of the PCOC Silent Auction.
Ask the Expert - Question and Answer
Q: Should I consider adding an adjuvant to herbicides that already have an adjuvant? I noticed some products list the exact percent of surfactant in the “other ingredients” while others do not list adjuvants at all. 

Click below for the answer

Q: What do you suggest for fly control in dairy barns? I have been using a Pyrethoid and IGR. I am looking for an effective option roughly priced equivalent. Any Suggestions?

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