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Spring has sprung and we hope that termites are beginning to swarm and other pests are out in full force where you live. Our staff is looking forward to serving you this busy season. 

April is also National Pest Management Month. Our staff is extremely proud to support those of you on the front lines working hard to protect human health and property. 

In this month’s edition of our Advantage eNewsletter don’t miss our featured article from Dr. Bob David of BASF, a look at ladder safety, a list of current Target Specialty Product and manufacturer promotions and more. As always, feel free to pass along our eNewsletter to your colleagues!
Providing Quality Services for Subterranean Termite Control

Written By: Dr. Bob Davis, BCE, Technical Specialist, BASF

Pest Management Professionals (PMP's) have many tools and techniques available for providing termite services. These include application rigs, termiticide application rods (sub-slab injectors, short and long rods), volume applicators (JD-9 guns, etc.) and foaming application equipment. Using these items correctly can enhance your liquid termite services.

April is National Pest Management Month!
We would like to take this time to recognize each and every one of our employees and customers who work in all facets of the pest management industry. We all play a critical role in protecting public health and property on a daily basis. Thank you for your contributions. 

Click here to see what the National Pest Management Association has to say
Product Spotlight
Bayer Product Promotions

SAfety moment
Ladder Safety

All ladders are potentially dangerous, but straight ladders, extension ladders, and special-purpose ladders can be especially hazardous because they’re less stable than stepladders.

Accidents with these types of ladders usually happen because:
  1. The ladder is damaged or defective
  2. The ladder is set-up improperly
  3. The ladder is used improperly

Remember, ladder accidents can cause very serious – even fatal – injuries. So be extra careful when working on a high ladder or using a ladder in an awkward or hard-to-reach spot. And always follow the basic rules of ladder safety:

Move slowly when working on a ladder
Always act cautiously​

A Look Back at this Month in the News
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Ask the Experts 
Q: Can you tell if a Drywood Termite infestation is old or new by the color of their droppings?​

Generally, the answer is no. I understand if you take a freshly cut piece of wood and let it sit out in the sun and weather for a year or so, it will darken in color.  However, when we are talking about drywood termites consuming and leaving droppings (pellets) behind there are too many variables to determine this. 

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