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General Safety Information
Employees increasingly mindful of office hygiene as they return to the workplace: survey 
Be aware of your employees returning to work, who are more mindful of the cleanliness of the office they will be coming back to.

More Allegations That EPA Scientists Are Pressured To Alter Reports
As more information comes out about this, it is troubling just how rampant this may have been.
Amusement Park Safety: Fun Is Serious Business 
Amusement parks have extensive safety, and the best part is it is mostly unseen and just understood.

NIOSH issues production and design criteria for face mask manufacturers
Now that NIOSH has rescinded the exemptions to the standards as the supply chain has reopened a bit, they have now issued specific design criteria for masks to meet standards.
Oregon-OSHA Adopts Temporary Heat Safety Rules in Wake of Historic Temperatures
With historically high temperatures, this temporary heat rule is important to keeping employees safe.

Where Are We on Masks and COVID-19? 
States "reopening". Offices reopening. People getting vaccinated. Where does that leave everything with masks, and COVID-19?

Blood sugar control among U.S. adults with diabetes has dropped: study
This is troubling, especially with the perspective of what this can mean for safety in the workplace.

Ignoring OSHA Safety Standard Not ‘Reasonable’ Accommodation
While reasonable accommodation is awesome for an inclusive workplace, it can't be done to the detriment of workplace safety or even established OSHA standards.
OSHA Information
OSHA Warns Employers of Heat Hazards 
OSHA is continuing to sound the warnings around heat hazards, without releasing even an emergency standard related to heat.

OSHA reminds non-profit organizations of available grants for training on workplace hazards, infectious diseases 
OSHA is reminding non-profits of funds available for training, especially anything with a focus on infectious diseases.

Fed OSHA’s COVID-19 ETS: What You Need to Know About Face Masks, Respiratory Protection and Other PPE 
OSHA is still pushing forward with COVID standards, make sure you know how it applies to your workplace..

US Department of Labor cites Mobile dredging equipment manufacturer after investigation into 22-year-old worker’s death
The apprentice employee got tangled in the crane drive shaft. A 100% avoidable tragedy
Federal inspection finds El Paso metal stamping manufacturer willfully exposed workers to amputation dangers; worker suffers severe injury 
metal stamping safety standards are pretty well established, so an employer involved in this action just doesn't care about basic safety.

  If metal stamping above is well established, asbestos handling processes and safety should be well understood.
142 Workers Were Killed at Work in Great Britain in 2020/21 
Increasing worker fatalities is unfortunately being experienced in the UK, along with the US.

  Word of advice, do NOT violate your settlement agreement with OSHA, because they become 100% willful violations.
Highlighted Article
‘Like dancing with a really bad partner’: Exoskeletons can confuse the brain, researchers say
While exoskeletons can provide assistance with manual lifting tasks, people using them though also struggle with them in a real world scenario.
Based upon the study, when employees were able to 100% focus on using the exoskeleton to lift, it provided slight benefits to reducing strain on the lower back, but when they also introduced thinking on other things while using the exoskeleton, the benefits of the equipment diminished as people struggled to control it while not focusing on the task.
From a real world applicable standpoint, employees will be distracted often, even if unintentionally. Thinking about things at home, their next task, keeping track of work hours, daydreaming. It isn't realistic to expect employees to be 100% focused on each task at all times.
These exoskeletons present a great opportunity, but may not yet be fully realized or the benefits and instead offer a false sense of security in real world application.
Again, I thank everyone for reaching out during my time off.
Anyone who loses a child should be aware of this organization: Alive In My Heart
They have amazing resources for parents in grief, facing the worst moment in their life. I am appreciative for what this group has already done for my family during this time.
I will share information on what we will be doing to pay forward to other parents that have experienced the greatest loss in their life.

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