Hot & Bothered is out! Makeover time for a gruff, scruffy and hot ex-pop star hero.

Dear Reader,

My second Harlequin Blaze, Hot & Bothered, releases today. Bad boy ex-pop-superstar Mark Webster needs someone to help him clean up his act. Teflon-coated image consultant Haven Hoyt needs someone to teach her how to love getting dirty. And wouldn't you know it? Opposites do attract...

Haven waltzed onto the page in my first Blaze, Still So Hot!, decked out in high heels and upswept hair, toting a pink patent leather suitcase and full of energy even though she'd just stepped off the plane into chaos. I knew right away she needed her own book.

And I knew she needed her own hero, toopreferably one who would love the same things about her I did, but who would also look right through the polished image to the real woman underneath.

Haven was a gift to me from the book gods. Mark is my gift to Havenan offering of thanks, if you will.

To thank my readers, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog right now. If you share the blog post (or the Hot & Bothered post on my Facebook page) anywhere, any way, and show your work, you'll be entered to win a $10 gift card.

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Happy New Year! And as always, thank you so much for reading.





Turning a certified disaster into a certifiable dish...

Image consultant Haven Hoyt needs to take former pop superstar Mark Webster from boozing, brawling mess to presentable musician—capable of keeping his tacky boot out of his mouth. Mark has no interest in being molded, but once she's finished with him, he'll be a work of art.

Haven has very simple rules for herself: be perfectly put together, don't crack under pressure and never sleep with your client. But under the scruff and the surly attitude, Mark is hot. Haven's careful image is unraveling with every look of lust and too-tempting touch. If she's not careful, she'll fall for her work of art…and break each of her rules in the process.


Excerpt from Hot and Bothered

Copyright © 2015 Serena Bell
All rights reserved — Harlequin Blaze

“I’m going to set up a bunch of appointments for you—hair, nails, skin.” She touched her hair and stroked the hot pink slickness of her own nails as she spoke, and his body heated. He had to look away. “For clothing, I’ll bring in a personal shopper—we can keep it simple at a department store.”

He hadn’t shopped anywhere other than his local secondhand store in nearly a decade. The whole idea made his skin crawl. He still remembered the way it had felt to be fussed over and groomed like a baby monkey when he was in the band. He didn’t miss that, not for a second.

He itched to get away from her scrutiny and her plans as intensely as he’d wanted to touch her earlier. His primitive brain screamed, Run away.

“Can’t I just promise I’ll get a haircut and buy some new clothes?”

A half smile appeared on Haven’s glossy lips as she tugged a bite of pasta off her fork. She shook her head.

“I hate this.”

He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but he liked Haven, and something about her loosened his lips. She wasn’t a ballbuster, and she didn’t come off fake. She had a way of looking at him that, yeah, maybe bordered on pity, but it was better than the other brands of female attention he usually got—scorn or leftover band worship from self-destructive women who wanted to flush their self-esteem down the toilet with him.

“I’ll try to make it hurt as little as possible.”

She said it without sexual emphasis, but it still made the blood rush out of his brain. He bet she would. If he swept the utensils and plates off the white cloth, the table would make the perfect surface on which she could make it hurt, or not, as she pleased. He’d take it either way.



Copyright © 2015 Serena Bell Books, All rights reserved.
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