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Community Announcements

Abby Rose - Specializes in Hanna Somatics for Trauma.  Abby works in Oakland and is taking private clients.  She has trained in both Hanna Somatic Education and Somatic Experiencing.

Karin Scholz Grace - Offers a Hanna Somatics class weekly, on Thursdays from 10:45am to 12:05pm, at Yoga of Sausalito,, 415-331-9950.

Voice Dialogue with Martha-Lou Wolff offers dream exploration in the form of on-going, once a month, two-hour calls. These calls are invaluable for your personal process exploration.

Tap and Talk with Celenia Delsol - based on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which taps on acupuncture points as you talk about personal issues and problems.  Experience wonderful and surprising results. 925-408-3310;

Janet Hoagland, 916-788-1388, practices Hanna Somatics in the Sacramento area.  Also, call her to learn about "Earthing" products to reduce inflammation, pain, and much more.

"Don't believe everything you think."  I'm not sure where this came from.  I received it from my dear friend and bodywork entrepreneur, Robert Flammia

Hi everyone, 
Welcome to my new monthly newsletter.  I will feature interesting items such as book reviews, somatic movements, my Saturday Somatics class dates, and community announcements.  
Somatic Movement
Do you ever get tight and tense between your shoulder blades?  Are you huddled over your computer hours every day? 

Most people think the answer to shoulder tightness is to stretch.  Don't stretch.  Learn to release the tight muscles by contracting them first and then slowly releasing out of the contraction.  Pay attention to the sensations of the movement.  This technique uses your brain to release your muscles.  Follow along with me to try this easy somatic movement, Releasing Shoulder Tension.
The book Somatics is a must read for anyone in the bodywork, fitness, or movement field, as well as individuals who want to release the pain and stiffness of tight joints and muscles.  Learn this slow, gentle somatic movement process to release muscles by using your brain-muscle connection from inside yourself where muscle control resides.  Available at, go to Calalog; see also many products available.
Book Recommendation: The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges.  An in-depth, academic work by Stephen Porges' on his research of the Autonomic Nervous System and the two vagus nerve connections of the Parasympathetic NS.  Important implications for somatic clinical work are described with connections between our social self regulation, voice apparatus, facial muscles and emotions, heart-brain regulation, and more.

What is Your Image of Yourself?

Use inner imagery to help yourself find better posture and movement.  When you catch your reflexion in a mirror or shop window and startle at your poor posture, take a few seconds and try this easy somatic movement - or do it when you come home, but do it!

Move slowly into that pattern, emphasize it, i.e. hunch more.  Then very slowly move out of it into a straighter posture.  Stay within your comfort zone.  Do this several times.  By moving more into your "pattern" you are now voluntarily, rather than unconsciously, activating your muscles to do the pattern.  This allows your muscle-motor cortex (muscle/movement learning brain) to engage.  Now slowly move into a straighter, more aligned and balanced posture.  Repeat a few times.  Walk a little.  Enjoy!

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