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 13 December 2015

 “Viewing, storing, distribution or the creation of any objectionable photos movies or the pornographic material involving children is an serious offence in New Zealand & should be dealt with by the courts in the most serious of ways” says Sensible Sentencing’s Manawatu spokesperson Scott Guthrie.
Geoffrey Clifford Allen, 61, appeared in the New Plymouth District Court on Thursday for sentencing on 17 charges of possessing objectionable material namely child pornographic images. Allen’s offending is at the very least some of the worst offending seen in this country & he freely admitted to having accessed child pornographic images for the last 10 years.
Judge Chris Sygrove noted that while Allen had not distributed the images to anyone else, the fact he was viewing them for his own gratification meant the revictimisation of these children who had been forced to perform sexual acts.
Once again the reasoning of our Judges has been brought into question by way of Judge Chris Sygrove discounting this sick offender’s sentence. Initially Judge Sygrove told the offender “the severity of physical and emotional harm towards these children was increasing, and the age of the victims was getting younger” but virtually in the same breath started discounting his sentence!
Sygrove started with a base sentence of 22 months in prison but went on to say “ however Allen's genuine remorse and the fact he had no previous convictions reduced the sentence by four months”. Sygrove then went on to discount the sentence by another 25% because of the offenders early guilty plea which dropped it to 13 ½ months in prison & then to add salt to the wound of the thousands of child pornography victim’s this offender gets gratification from, & in the good Christmas spirit Sygrove finally sentenced him to 7 months home detention!

Just what part of section section 131 A of the Films, Videos & Publications Clasification Act does Judge Sygrove not understand?  For clarification section 131 A clearly states

 Offences relating to possession of objectionable publications and involving knowledge

Every person commits an offence who does any act that constitutes an offence against section 131(1), knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the publication is objectionable.
Every person who commits an offence against subsection (1) is liable on conviction,—
in the case of an individual, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or to a fine not exceeding $50,000:
Scott is repeatedly demanding that the Judges of New Zealand, who are the gate keepers of society & the enforcers of our laws, step up & start enforcing the laws as they are written & stop pandering to every little squeal the offender makes about just how good they have been & also start considering the victims of these sick disgusting & horrific crimes. END
Scott Guthrie
Sensible Sentencing
021 270 6889.


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