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 January 2015

The Sad, The Good & The Ugly

By Garth McVicar
The sad news is Ruth Money has resigned from SST. Ruth originally offered to dedicate 12 months but 3 years later, after being involved in many projects such as Christies Law, the new web-site and brochures [and much more]. Ruth became an integral part of the SST team. As my 2IC and a national Spokesperson Ruth has taken a huge workload off me personally and has been a tireless worker for the cause. Obviously it will be difficult to replace Ruth, a decision has been made for me to return to SST as founder / spokesman to ensure the lobbying and law reform continues. On a personal note I would like to thank Ruth for her enthusiasm, dedication and tireless effort over the last 3 years.

As you all know I took leave from SST to stand in the last Election as the Justice Spokesman for the Conservative Party. While my foray into politics was unsuccessful a lot of what I set out to do has been achieved. The fact we have a centre right Government means all SST wins are safe – at least until the next election. Reforms such as three-strikes, bail, parole, DNA legislation and confiscation of proceeds of crime are all contributing to the significant reduction in recorded crime.

The good news is that latest statistics show crime is at a 35 year low, with reoffending down 12% and violent crime down 11%. While I am the first to acknowledge there is much work, to do SST supporters can be very proud of what has been achieved. It would NOT have happened without the Sensible Sentencing Trust!

The ugly side of crime and the root of all evil is the totally unacceptable level of violent and sexual assaults on children. It was that issue that made me stand for politics – and to be honest with you – is probably the principal reason I am stepping back into the lion’s den with SST. I said then and I repeat now – I refuse to tolerate and accept the atrocious and hideous abuse of our children. The Stephen John Smith nee Traynor debacle is a classic example of the way paedophiles are mollycoddled in this country.

My main focus will be; exposing the corrupt ideology that has sanctioned child abuse in New Zealand and; eradicating it. It may not be pretty to watch but the option is to roll over and do nothing and I will not do that. I have a duty – in fact I believe we all have a duty - to ensure the safety, protection and justice for our children is the paramount purpose of legislation.


Our Victim Advisors

Thank you to our two amazing Victim advisers, who work tirelessly for the Trust. We do appreciate the work you do on behalf of all New Zealanders.

Meet Leigh Woodman our National Victim advisor. Leigh and her team provide end to end support for Victims. Leigh has a wealth of knowledge on how New Zealand’s Justice System works.

Leigh can be reached by mobile: 027 561 2119 or
Meet Jayne Walker our Victim Adviser for the South Island also South Island Co-ordinator. Like Leigh, Jayne is also very committed and knowledgeable on Victim issues.

Jayne can be reached by mobile 021 881 623 or

2014 Victims Conference - Rebuilding Together

From Debbie Marlow, CEO, Red Raincoat Trust.

Red Raincoat Trust’s annual victim conference was held in Christchurch over the weekend of 19/20/21 September 2014, with 80 homicide and serious crime families in attendance including 20 new attendees. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Rebuilding Together’.

The theme drew comparisons between a family rebuilding their life after tragedy and Christchurch rebuilding after their earthquakes. We all know that you simply never get over homicide, but with help you can rebuild with what is left.

Red Raincoat took a new approach this year introducing a ‘booth’ style format at which service providers hosted a table, allowing the opportunity to engage directly with victims on a smaller scale. The booth style enhanced three important areas:
  • Allowing a victim to speak direct to and ask questions service providers
  • Service Providers were able to gain feedback directly from the victims
  • The victims got to know each other and their stories better
Some of the Saturday speakers included representatives from Metropolitan Police in the UK, Christchurch Police, Christchurch Courts, Department of Corrections and Parole Board, ACC, Victim Centre and Victim Support. On the Sunday attendees were able to book from a selection of Health and Well Being Speakers.

All of the feedback from the weekend has been hugely positive towards the new format, with suggestions already coming in for next year’s speakers.

Overall it was an inspiring weekend at which victims were able to come away with information relevant to wherever they are in their journey, questions answered, new friends and support networks and most importantly - hope for their future.


Through the eyes of a speaker

This year’s conference was to be held in Christchurch, and although I lived about an hour outside of Christchurch, I had no idea where it was to be held or what to expect; it was the first one I had been asked to talk at, and it was to be the first of a new style of conference using a facilitators table or ‘booth’.

I got there early to make sure I wasn’t late. Part of my armed service history meant that a good soldier was always 10 minutes early, so I added a hefty amount to allow for getting lost, all of which led me to kicking my heels for a while. In the front part of what I call a brain! I didn’t want to miss anything, or give second best to anybody I met. The simple reason being, the lightest of touches can sometimes leave the greatest impact, and for victims of sexual abuse, knowledge is power, and someone on your side means you are not alone.

And so the day kicked off with a speech from Metropolitan Police Superintendent Damian Alain. Who would have thought on the other side of the world in one small hall, there would be two Metropolitan Police Detectives, one serving and one retired. This was followed by the attendees recounting their truly tragic stories, their tragedy and sorrow matched by their courage was compelling. I looked around to assess the other speakers, checking for evidence of concern. There was after all some common themes coming out from the recounting of events.

With the introductions over the conference got going and I found myself with a table full of faces I had never seen before.(Gill you weren’t in the first group!). I was covering child protection, the criminal actions of paedophiles and sex offenders, NZ legislation in respect of that offending, name suppression, paedophiles behaviours, and the misuse of the word ‘rehabilitation’ with paedophiles amongst others. No matter how hardened you are as an investigator in sex abuse crimes and murder, the impact of listening and meeting people of these crimes always leaves its mark, and so it should. For me this time it wasn’t just about the emotion, or some police cock up, there was a deeper rooted issue that was woven through every story that was told; and quite simply put, that issue was a lack of true and meaningful ‘victim focus’ within the judicial system of New Zealand.

As a speaker I hope I helped. I thank Debbie for the invite, but most of all, I thank you for the participation.
Ian Tyler-Author,

Through the eyes of a Victim

Before the conference we questioned our invite, we weren't victims of homicide? We had no idea what to expect, the nervousness was intense. It started listening to everyone’s story, this was so touching and emotional, it made you realise that there really are amazing people in this world being willing to share such personal stories.

All the booths I attended were great and I gained so much from it. Meeting Ian was amazing, the man who has made such an impact on keeping children safe blew my mind, we even swapped numbers and I now call him a friend! How I wish there was someone like him during my childhood.

Talking to people like, Heather, Helen, Jayne, Jacqui and Sandy, Rita, amongst others on Saturday night not only opened my protective shell, but took me right out it. I was with people hurting like me but I was safe! Wow that felt strange! I had locked myself away from the world so much, that I was not aware of such loving people. To top the night off Jacqui even pulled me up to sing the karaoke, which is something I have never dreamt of being comfortable doing.

I can only say thank you for bringing a voice to my soul and letting me feel included. If you ever need help with anything involving sexual abuse survivors don't hesitate to call. We both learnt so much and got much needed answers to questions, and even followed up with the parole board on a question we had with our daughter’s case, this meant so much to use to have those answers.

We left the conference full of new knowledge, friendships, and most of all knowing we are not alone.

Shona and Simon Garwood

Phillip Smith nee Traynor Debacle  
Corrections Chief Executive Ray Smith has admitted his department made many mistakes that ultimately led to Phillip Smith, a convicted murderer and paedophile, being granted temporary release and able to flee the country. Let’s give credit where credit is due, Ray Smith has put his hand up and said Corrections got it badly wrong:
  • The review reveals that the plan for Phillip Smith’s series of temporary releases was overly ambitious and misinformed and should not have been considered for early release.
  • There was an overreliance placed on the treatment provided to Smith in the Te Piriti programme for child sex offenders run at Auckland Prison rather than enough consideration given to his murder/violent tendencies
  • There was an overreliance placed on psychological reports
  • The ‘approved’ sponsor whose care this convicted murderer and paedophile was released to failed to alert anyone when he absconded

Ray Smith says the New Zealand public quite rightly expect Corrections to keep them safe and that that this case exposed faults which are being addressed with urgency.

So far so good, Ray Smith then goes on to say, “The plan includes greater use of GPS, a report on how we verify sponsors, and an evaluation, including independent oversight, of the current risk assessment process conducted by our psychologists”.

It is at this point Corrections Chief Executive Ray Smith loses all creditability!

He has just stated that New Zealand public have a right to expect Corrections to keep them safe and in the next instant says they are planning greater use of GPS monitors. Even the more liberal commentators such as Kim Workman are saying that GPS monitoring is not suitable for dangerous manipulative offenders like this. What the CEO of Corrections fails to say [although I believe he would like to] is that it is the ideology, the rehabilitation above all else philosophy, driving legislation and policy in New Zealand that is continuously exposing the public to a totally unacceptable level of risk .Ray Smiths hands are tied! He is working with policy designed by legislators [our Members of Parliament] that has as its principle edict that everyone must be ‘rehabilitated’, and there lies the problem! Some people are simply bad – evil – and until legislation acknowledges these debacles will continue to happen.

The Parole Board declined to release Smith so why is it that the Corrections Department made an executive decision to give him temporary release?

From Garth McVicar

Workman v Facts

Kim Workman recently criticised me when I said that there is no known cure for paedophilia, and that paedophiles cannot be either cured or rehabilitated.  

So I asked Ian Tyler, the man responsible for locking up more paedophiles than any other for his opinion. Ian had this to say.

“What is Mr Workman’s motive for ignoring evidence that sex offending against children has 90% under reporting rate? It is naive, at best, to produce figures as fact that are based purely on reconviction rates because they are obviously at least 90% below reality. It is also naive to assert treatment programs are completely effective. Phillip Smith was deemed manipulative and devious and not suitable for parole. Suddenly just over a year ago his behaviour changed and he started playing the system. Another manipulation”

“It is also naive to base figures on the uncorroborated word of an offender, unless you use polygraph techniques, as currently being used in the USA and UK, when managing sex offenders. Otherwise you are basing figures on the word of convicted offenders such as SMITH”.

“I would suggest Mr Workman look at what the World Health Organisation and The Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (World Bible) have to say on this issue. They all state there is no known cure. That is because the world does not have a cure for mental disorders yet. Stop using the phrase rehabilitation and think along the lines of control measures. Then we might believe that you Mr Workman, have ANY real concerns for victims.

Ian Tyler , Retired UK detective, Victim advocate and author of Hope Arises

So if the World Health Organisation and the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (World Bible) acknowledge there is no known cure it surely follows that these offenders will continue to pose a risk to public safety – children in particular.

The CEO of Corrections, Ray Smith states the New Zealand public quite rightly expect Corrections to keep them safe so why is it that he and other public servants and legislators continue to operate under the mistaken dogma that convicted murderers and paedophiles can be rehabilitated and must be released?

Until public safety is enshrined into legislation these debacles will continue to happen.


NZ Paedophile Haven

Britain has instigated a high inquiry into cover-ups relating to sexual abuse of children including:
Australia has established a national inquiry into child sex abuse with more than 5000 people expected to provide evidence that will unearth ‘some very uncomfortable truths’.

New Zealand has become a haven for paedophiles with legislation allowing these despicable creatures to hide their appalling behaviour. NZ endorsement of paedophilia includes:
  • The Director of Human Rights Proceedings prosecuting SST for naming a convicted paedophile
  • Victims of paedophiles having to pay own expenses to have their name suppression lifted in an attempt to name their abusers
  • New Zealand offender centric legal process [as opposed a Justice System] leaves victims ostracised, frustrated, angry and humiliated.
  • The above has created a paedophile haven where it is now estimated 90% of sexual abuse of children is not reported.

Australia opens national child abuse inquiry!

A national inquiry into child sex abuse was opened in the Australian city of Melbourne when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister with more than 5,000 people expected to provide evidence of “abuse and consequential trauma”.

Julia Gillard warned that the commission will unearth ‘some very uncomfortable truths’.

She said at the time that its opening was an ‘important moral moment’ for Australia.

The inquiry will look at religious groups, NGOs and state care providers as well as government agencies.

The commission was formed after revelations emerged of child abusers being moved from place to place instead of their crimes being reported and investigated.

There were also accusations that adults failed to stop further acts of abuse.

The initial report is due by middle of 2014 but the final report is not expected to meet the end of 2015 deadline.

Julia Gillard stated “I want the royal commission to provide for us recommendations about the future”.

“We’ve let children down in the past as a country.  We need to learn what we can do as a nation to better protect our children in the future”


ABC News


A Big Thank You! 

To Anne, Kylee, and Shelley who organised this year’s Hawkes Bay Teddy Bears Picnic,  (back after a 10 year break). It was a great fundraiser for SST. Thousands of little children arrived with all sorts of Teddies, a great family day. Thank you to all our SST helpers. We appreciate you giving up your Sunday. All profits from the day will go to SST.


Anne-Marie and Karen were sexually abused as children

As young girls were given automatic name suppression but now many years later have found out that their abuser has hidden behind their name suppression. They are in the process of getting their names unsuppressed and need to try and raise $30,000 to take this all the way to the Supreme Court to change name suppression laws so that ONLY the victims benefit from it.

To donate:

Members Have Their Say

“Thank you for the wonderful job you do although the donation isn’t much you are the only charity I give to, all the best.” - Whangarei

“Keep up the good work; we need SST,I am a long-time supporter.” - Taupo


“Enclosed is a small donation towards your fight for change. I wish it was more, thank you.” - Nelson


“Whats wrong with some of these Judges it’s unbelievable some of the bail decisions that are happening, keep the pressure on.” - Auckland



By purchasing your Christmas cards through the website below you will be helping support SST. As a fundraiser the Trust receives a percentage of what’s purchased. These cards can be posted to you up to 3 days before Christmas. To view the 8 images available and purchase go to;



Thumbs Down 

Thumbs down to Justice Jill Mallon who refused to apply the Life without Parole provisions of the Three Strikes law in sentencing Shane Pierre Harrison for the murder of Sio Matalsi.

Justice Mallon was required by law to impose a true life-means-life sentence, as Harrison has a prior strike offence conviction.

Justice Mallon instead invoked the ‘unless manifestly unjust’ provision to avoid imposing LWOP, and instead sentenced Harrison to a minimum non-parole period of just 13 years.

In addition to his ‘strike’ convictions, Shane Harrison, is understood to have a significant criminal history, including a manslaughter conviction when aged 17.

The manifestly unjust provision was not designed as a get out of jail free card for an offender of Harrison’s profile.”

Thumbs Up 

Thumbs up to crown Lawyer Matthew Downs Crown appeals Over Maori King’s Son.

Korotangi Paki son of the Maori King was discharged by Judge Philippa Cunningham without conviction for two counts of burglary, one of theft and one of drunk driving.

In the High Court at Auckland 17/11/2014 Crown lawyer Mathew Down said the offending was ‘ at least moderately serious” and warranted a conviction.

A High Court Judge is considering the Crown’s appeal.
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Call 0900 72 33 69 To Make A $20 Donation

White Ribbon Day 

The White Ribbon day is growing significantly; Garth attended this year’s gathering along with founding member/spokesperson Doug Blakie who was this year’s guest speaker.  


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