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Sex Offender walks free after serving under 4 years of his 11-year sentence
25 February 2019

"No one with a conviction for serious violent offending such as this should be released until they can guarantee the offender is no longer a risk, and then they should not release them until the offender’s sentence is completed – full-stop"

In March 2015 Brian Hughes was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment after he admitted to 21 charges of sexual offences; 3 of these charges included Rape!! There were two victims, one was 11 when Hughes harmed her. The other victim was only 12 and endured his sexual violence for five years. Though Hughes was sentenced to 11 years, he was released in December 2018 after serving ONLY 3 years and 9 months of his sentence. 

The Sensible Sentencing Trust’s Youth Advocate Jess McVicar said she is utterly appalled this disgusting rapist has been released after serving so little of the sentence imposed! “The level of Hughes sexual offending is serious and spanned five years with the offending taking place up to three times a week, so how can anyone honestly think he could have any chance of actually being rehabilitated after serving so little of his sentence! How can this manipulative paedophile ever be considered safe to release back into our Community?”
Hughes completed a short intervention program and two psychologists’ reports reached the view that Hughes has addressed his sexual offending and if he followed his safety plan, risks could be managed in the community, yet the Parole Board’s decision describes Hughes as having distorted views of his offending and is a skilled manipulator.
“Why on earth did they let him walk? His disgusting, manipulative and violent behaviour should have seen him behind bars for a lot longer than the 11 years he was sentenced to, let alone being released so soon!” said Jess.
“The psychologist and the Parole Board had conflicting opinions on the danger he poses, yet the Parole Board have released him! No one with a conviction for serious violent offending such as this should be released until they can guarantee the offender is no longer a risk, and then they should not release them until the offender’s sentence is completed – full-stop!
Jess said Psychologists reports and Parole Board have got it wrong too many times, putting the safety of the community at risk. “We have only just last week been seen the case where Paul Wilson also known as Paul Tainui was released on parole and went on to brutally and violently murder Nicole Tuxford. The Parole Board admitted to making a ‘mistake’ which has resulted in an innocent woman’s murder.”
The Sensible Sentencing Trust have grave concerns as to the decisions being made by the psychologists and the Parole Board. They said there needs to be more checks and balances in place, and consequences for both if their decisions are proven to be horribly wrong.
Jess said Hughes monitoring terms are putting the safety of the community at major risk. “Hughes is a serious sex offender, yet his release conditions are in place for just two years! This raises the question of whether the safety of the community is as important as the government’s target of reducing the prison muster, and is overriding the safety of law-abiding citizens? Why are his release conditions only in place for 2 years when technically his sentence does not finish for a further 7 years?”
“At what point do we say enough is enough; this man has no concept or care as to the harm his offending has inflicted on his young victim long term. One of his parole release conditions allow him to speak to underage women as long as he has another adult present over the age of 20 years. I truly hope for the safety of the community and the Parole Boards sake, that they have not got this decision horribly wrong.”
Jess said the Sensible Sentencing Trust will ensure this case is brought to light at the Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims workshop, being held in Wellington in March. She said they will be putting forward some hard-hitting questions to the Parole Board and the Minister of Justice round the safety of future victims, if the government keep pushing for lowering of the prison muster.
“Where is the Justice for these poor girls. Hughes disgusting, violent choices will impact their lives forever, yet he gets his freedom after barely four years.”
“Where is the Justice for the Victims? “ ENDS
Jess McVicar
Youth Spokesperson
Sensible Sentencing Group Trust
021 230 2391


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