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Prime Minister Jacinda Adern offers ‘Anything’ to family members of Homicide Victim 
11th December 2018

It sounds too good to be true, but those were the words spoken by Prime Minister Jacinda Adern at a press conference yesterday, in relation to the family of murdered UK backpacker Grace Millane.
Victim Advocate for the Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT) and mother of a murdered 3-year-old, Jayne Walker took to social media, with a somewhat skeptical approach, saying “As the mum of a murdered beautiful daughter, my heart absolutely aches for the family of Grace Millane. The fact that someone else chooses your child’s days are over and snuffs it out in a violent way is a horror story all on its own.” 
Jayne commented that the “anguish of injustice to follow will be absolute agony.” She warns the public not to expect the ‘Fair and Swift’ justice that Judge Evangelos Thomas has put on the table.
She said “ALREADY the killer has interim name suppression, so he has the time to appeal the fact he can legally be named. ALREADY the killer has made excuses in court and claimed he didn’t know what he was doing. ALREADY our Prime Minister has apologised to the family BUT not promised that Justice will be served!” 
“ALREADY there are radio and TV interviews that talk about prevention and how to keep ourselves safe! This is fantastic and speaks volumes on the massive effect this can potentially have on people’s lives, prevention is paramount.”
Jayne went on to say “BUT again, be aware the defence team will be building a case that turns the killer into a victim. He didn’t know what he was doing? He comes from a broken home? He hasn’t spoken to his father for two years? He was brought up by his grandfather? He was an amazing sportsman? He has no prior convictions? It was an accident? None of this I know for certain, but some excuses are starting to surface!” 
Speaking from her own experience and of the people she has supported, Walker boldly added “I can guarantee that coupons are ALREADY being collected to get him a MASSIVE discount on sentencing day!”
“To Grace’s family I send truly genuine and sincere heartfelt condolences.” Jayne.  ENDS
Jayne Walker
South Island Victim Advocate
Sensible Sentencing Group Trust
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