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Alosio Taimo - Thirty Years of Disgraceful Sexual Offending
22 February 2019

Today Auckland rugby coach Alosio Taimo (56) was sentenced for the most horrific and sickening ‘unprecedented' sex crimes.

Sensible Sentencing Group Trust Victim Advocate Karrin Coates said “Taimo was sentenced to 22 years with a non-parole period of 10 years for a disgusting amount of sexual crimes against 17 young victims. The 22 year sentence sounded like our Justice System had finally woken up. But the sad fact is Taimo will actually only have to serve 10 years of this sentence before he is eligible for parole. This is a long way off actually serving 22 years in Prison. The chances of Taimo being eligible for parole will most likely be high given our Government’s push to reduce prison numbers, reduce prison sentences and the current push to dishing out alternative ways to stop actually sending convicted offenders to Prison. This is all in an unjust effort to lower the prison muster, and save money!!"

Karrin said  “What must be taken into account is the fact that Taimo sexually abused 17 boys over a period of  30 years!! 30 unforgivable years of premeditated, manipulative, horrific sexual behaviour he chose to inflict upon innocent young boys. Vulnerable young boys who looked up to Taimo as a rugby coach and a mentor. It took 30 years before this man was finally caught.”

Taimo had name suppression when he was first charged with 85 counts of sexual offences. After the name suppression order was lifted, a further 19 charges were brought against him.  Taimo was found guilty of 95 out of the original 105 charges he faced, all of these were sex crimes.

“This disgusting sexual predator has cruelly impacted so many innocent young boys lives. Taimo does not believe he ever did anything wrong. He claimed during his trial that the victims were conspiring against him, and that they all lied about the offending.”

The Sensible Sentencing Trust believe each sexual offence that Taimo chose to commit against each victim should have been trialled separately. This would mean that each sentence imposed would have to be served cumulatively, not concurrently!

"We need take a lesson from the American Justice System where a sexual predator like Taimo would be incarcerated for at least 60 plus years!!" said Karrin

Judge Simon Moore was asked by the Crown Prosecutor Jasper Rhodes to impose a Preventative Detention Sentence. This was turned down by Judge Moore. Preventative Detention is an indeterminate prison sentence where prisoners may be released on parole, but they are managed by Corrections for the rest of their lives. This also means a prisoner can be recalled back to prison at any time.

"Judge Moore had the ability to prevent further vulnerable children from becoming victims of  Taimo’s disgusting predatory behaviour for a very long time. Judge Moore chose not to do this."

The Sensible Sentencing Group Trust will be writing to Crown Law asking them to consider appealing against preventative detention not being imposed.

Karrin said “Given the length of time Taimo has offended, it is absolutely ridiculous to think that a predator as evil and as depraved as Taimo will not re-offend. It is pure  stupidity and extremely dangerous."

Judge Moore said at the sentencing that Taimo was diagnosed with paedophilia, which is difficult to treat.

"Yes, Taimo has to serve a minimum of 10 years in Prison. Yes, Taimo may be around the age of 66 when he is eligible for parole, BUT he will ALWAYS BE A RISK and it is time the Justice System acknowledged this. The Justice System must accept that there are certain offenders that can NEVER  be rehabilitated.”

"Our children are our most vulnerable of victims. They deserve every right to BE safe and to FEEL safe. We strongly urge the Government to think very carefully before they continue on this risk-driven, offender based push to lower the prison muster. The safety of all New Zealanders must take precedence over the rights of these types of predatory recidivist offenders! "ENDS

Karrin Coates
Victim Advocate
Sensible Sentencing Group Trust

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