The Sensible Sentencing Trust is a group of caring Kiwis, including victims of violent crime, who want a safer New Zealand. We are different as our passion and unwavering commitment to support victims of violent crime and stand up, speak and fight for sensible justice. Our supporters say we are professional and act with integrity and honesty.
Media Advisory:

  1. 1) Leigh Woodman: 027 561 2119; trustee of SSGT, National Victim Adviser/Advocate for SST based in Wellington with a special interest in parole issues and manages SST Facebook page.
    2) Jayne Walker: 021 881 623; Christchurch / South Island Victim Advocate
    3) Jock Jamieson: 0221845117;  Auckland region coordinator / Victim Advocate  and does a lot of public speaking and promotion of SST
    4) Stephen Franks: 0274 921 983;; SST legal advisor, his law firm Franks Ogilvie do a lot of pro bono legal work for SST
    5) Jess McVicar: 021 230 2391; SST Youth Advocate, special interest in youth offending
    6) David Garrett: 021 427 738; is a barrister and SST three strikes spokesman but also advises on various legal matters and does a lot of pro bono legal work for SST
    7) Doug Blakie: 027 606 6934; SST Timaru area spokesperson. Doug is a very experienced media commentator.
    8) Gil Elliott: 021 215 9683; SST Dunedin / Lower South Island spokesperson and the local go-to guy for media in that region
    9) Ken Evans: 027 733 9686; SST Tauranga / Bay of Plenty rep and has a good relationship with local media
    10) Alan Monk: 021 075 7977; works in SST Napier office, 38 years policing experience, with a special interest in legislation and victim issues, one of the team who drafts submissions for select committees etc.
    11) Amber Lehndorf: 021 840 620 is fairly new to the team and assists Jock in Auckland with a special interest around child abuse issues
    12) Peter Jenkins: 027 433 8562; Peter is one of the original stalwarts and was responsible for the original SST web-site / offender data base etc and is part of the team overseeing the rework of the SST offender data base
    13) Ross Crosby: Ross Crosby: is the offender data base manager and Predator Awareness NZ Campaign manager. He does a magnificent job in loading new offenders and being responsible to ensure information is correct with all necessary back-up sentencing notes etc. He is currently based in Adelaide and has a special interest around sexual offending issues and a special interest in assisting victims/survivors of sexual offending and specialises in generally representing victims/survivors SST assists who are residing in Australia. 
    14) Peter and Maggie Bentley: 027 493 04354, SST Rotorua region spokespeople with good local media contacts and relationships 
    15) Neville Pettersson: 021 087 67132; operates out of Napier office and is also part of the team overseeing offender data-base work and manages SST Twitter account,, Neville assists  Ross Crosby with research and accessing information required for the offender data base
    16) Steve Detlaff: is Northland region spokesperson limiting his involvement to media commentary at this stage
    17) Scott Guthrie: 021 270 6889; SST Manawatu region Spokesman with a special interest around child abuse issues.
    18) Richard Holt: 07 873 8813; Richard was a Judicial Justice of the Peace for 37 years, recently retired, now SST Waikato regional spokesman
    19) Garth McVicar: 027 248 7919; SST Founder and Spokesman




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