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19th December 2015
Sensible Sentencing Trust’s Manawatu Spokesperson Scott Guthrie has labelled the sentencing of a 63 year old Hastings man as disgraceful & a total disregard of the law.

Douglas McInnes, who was found guilty of 4 charges of sexual offending against a person with significant impairment, was sentenced to a minimum none parole period of 5 years when a non-parole period of 10 years was available.
The court was told during sentencing that McInnes has a long history of sexual offending dating back to 1969 with his last offence committed in 2002 against a 12 year old girl which saw a 6 year prison term imposed. The courts also heard how the offender was subject to a court imposed Extensive Supervision Order & electronic bail when his current offending occurred.
The mid 20 year old victim, who had suffered a severe brain injury in an accident, was forced to sign a contract obliging her to perform sexual acts on McInnes on his terms & conditions & in return he would give her points based on how well she performed. It was only when the victim was questioned about her relationship with the offender by her church pastor, did she feel she could tell the truth. The pastor immediately informed the police.

Section 138 (1) of the crimes Act 1961 states that everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years who has exploitative sexual connection with a person with a significant impairment or namely someone who is mentally disabled.
Scott is once again repeating his calls for all Judges to start exercising the powers available to them when sentencing & to stop taking into consideration the wants or needs of these high profile offenders & also to start considering what the public of New Zealand might consider as an acceptable sentence. 
“Society as a whole has had enough of pandering to the criminals” Our politicians make the laws so how about our judges start seeing that they are enforced to their full extent. End.
Scott Guthrie
Manawatu Spokesperson
Sensible Sentencing Trust
021 270 6889

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