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21st December 2015
“No bail for any offender convicted of sexual offences is a must. Offenders should have no rights because it is them who take away their victims rights ; Judges are paid to protect our society & need to step up & start doing their jobs!"

 Scott Guthrie, spokesperson for Sensible Sentencing Trust, is slamming the decision of Auckland’s Judge Anna Johns, to release on bail to an address that is next door to where the victim lives, an offender found guilty of 2 charges of sexual connection with a child under 12.
The 70 year old had name suppression granted due to having to appear before the courts next year on more sexual offending charges against another child & to add injury to insult, if found guilty on those charges will be sentenced for all offending at the same time. So once again a sexual predator who has committed multiple offences can only be & will only be sentenced for 1 of those offences.
When contacted, Justice Minister Amy Adams would not comment on this case due to it still being before the courts but Sensible Sentencing Trusts Scott Guthrie openly invites her to comment on a Judge’s decision to bail a sexual predator to an address in Westport in November 2015 which was next door to a family with children & only meters away from a school. The offender had over 500 convictions including rape & if the local mayor hadn’t got involved he would still be living there. So Minister Adams how about stepping up & answering some questions you legally can answer & give the public some reassurance the government is concerned with how our judges are making some very questionable decisions. 
Scott is calling for Judges to start exercising the powers available to them when considering bail for any offenders & for a law change that denies Bail for any sexual offenders or accused offenders & that might just make the sexual predators we have in society think twice.

 Judges are the gate-keepers for society & politicians are our law makers so how about both parties step up & start protecting our law abiding citizens.END
Scott Guthrie
Manawatu Spokesperson
Sensible Sentencing Trust
012 270 6889

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