At its core, building a successful company is about how well you attract and retain the two most important business resources - talent and capital. To help you accomplish this, we've collected our favorite articles, videos, interviews, and other resources in The Visible Foreword

Founders Helping Founders

An Open-Sourced Financial Model for Startups In a post from the archives, we highlight a Google Sheet template from Mike Simmons, the founder of CredSimple. The model is a quick and easy way to budget operational metrics and pinpoint fundraising and hiring decisions. 
This 1 Piece of Advice Could Make or Break Your Career Steve Blank, founder of multiple startups, discusses how founders and team members can evaluate the droves of "suggestions" and "advice" they receive. Steve lays out the plan he personally uses when evaluating suggestions from others. 

36 Ways to Hire, Develop, and Retain Great People Brian Armstrong, Founder of Coinbase, shares tips he has personally developed for building a great team as well as advice from the former Head of HR at Google and the Netflix Culture Deck.  

What Does the CEO of Front Do? Mathilde Collin, Founder of Front, breaks down her day-to-day as a CEO and shares advice for allocating your time and efforts. 

Attracting & Managing Capital

The 10x Rule: What Raising $1 of Venture Capital Really Means Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, discusses the expectations of venture capital and lays out the financial risks and multiples associated with a new round. 

Why Venture-backed Startups Should Have a Bootstrapping Mindset Sagi Paz of Entree Capital shares why founders should still be capital efficient when they've raised capital as it builds a sense of ownership and accountability. 

How to Build an Awesome Pipeline of Investors/Employees/Advisors Ty Norwood makes the case why you can use a similar "funnel process" when attracting investors, employees, and advisors. 

Team Culture 

Why Fast Learning Curves are So Important to Startups Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures takes a deep dive into managing your team structure and hiring plans as you continue to grow and build your company. 

The 3 Cs of Cross-Functional Teamwork Kate Sugrue of Intercom writes about the importance of cross-functional teams and shares the 3 activities they use to help build strong teams at Intercom; communication, collaboration, and coordination. 

Unlock Honest Feedback from Your Employees with this One Word Claire Lew, Founder of KnowYourCompany, shares why asking if anyone on your team has any "advice" can be the key to building trust and receiving valuable feedback. 
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