At its core, building a successful company is about how well you attract and retain the two most important business resources - talent and capital. To help you accomplish this, we've collected our favorite articles, videos, interviews, and other resources in The Visible Foreword

Attracting & Engaging Investors 

You Should be Asking Your Investors for Help. Here's How. This week on the Visible Blog, we break down how you can get the most of your investor relationships by leveraging their network and experience. 
Why VCs "Almost Blindly" Invest in Founders with Previous Exits Andrew Vasylyk, Founder of StartupSoft, analyzes thousands of companies and shares how funding differs by the experience of the company founders. 

How Important is it to have a Premier VC Fund Backing You vs Angels at a Higher Valuation? Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, discusses the major differences between taking on capital from a VC firm versus taking on angel investors. 

Company Culture

How Gusto Built Scalable Hiring Practices Rooted in Tradition The Team at First Round breaks down how Josh Reeves, the CEO & Founder of Gusto, scaled their hiring processes as they've grown to 600+ employees within 6 years. 

We Updated Our Core Values For The First Time in 5 Years, Here's How We Did It Nicole Miller of Buffer takes a deep dive into the thought and process behind changing the Buffer core values. 

The Self-Inflicted Talent Shortage Chip House, Co-founder of Structural, shares how companies can navigate the competitive hiring market by keeping your headcount the same and inspiring your current employees. 

The Open-Plan Office is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea DHH, Founder of Basecamp, makes the case against open-plan offices and why they actually reduce collaboration and communication. 

Building & Distributing Your Product

Why Adding More Products Isn't Always the Best Way to Grow In an article for HBR, Tiffani Bova of Salesforce uses a story from McDonald's menu changes to show why growth is best achieved when you make things simpler for your customers. 

The Problem with Product Roadmaps Eugen Esanu, Founder of, discusses why product roadmaps are broken and why adding a "product discovery" stage can save your next roadmap. 

How to Integrate Sales & Marketing to Close More Deals Eric Siu, CEO & Founder of Single Grain, lays out 5 steps to align your sales and marketing teams to create a seamless experience for your customers and leads. 
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