Newsletter January 2017
Appeal for Help!
The children and teenagers that the Amigos help are always in need of support for dental and optical bills, shoes and clothes, and activities during their weekends and summer holidays. Please contact us if you can help or donate here.
Recent Happenings
In 2016 the Amigos provided funds for the children to attend their annual summer camps, as well as excursions that included a camping trip to Tavira, outings to Aquashow, Slide and Splash, Zoomarine, Zoo Lagos, Legoland, and the cinema. The Amigos also purchased school supplies for the new school year, and continued to fund after school activities such as swimming and hip hop classes.
Christmas 2016
Many people were very generous again this past Christmas, with the young children at Pirilampos getting wonderful presents and the Gaivota teenagers receiving generous retail vouchers to choose their own gifts.This year we would like to extend a BIG thank you to BJ's Canadian Bar, Lee Jackson, FLIC, Cerro Novo and Joe's Villas for making it an extra special Christmas!
New Glasses!
Both homes received new glasses for several of the children this year with the help of the Amigos and private funders, as well as ongoing help with dental and medical bills.
With generous support from FLIC the Gaivota received several new computers this year, always essential for the teenagers to be able to do homework and search for employment.
New Gate!
A new automated gate with video was put in at the bottom of the driveway to the Pirilampos so visitors must request to be let in, increasing the security and privacy of the children. With thanks to the Vila Sol Golf Club and the Michael Appleton Foundation.
Thank You for Your Support!
A list of our supporters can be found on the Supporters page of our website. With many thanks to everyone who has supported, and who continues to support the Amigos. From us and the children and teenagers at both the Pirilampos and Gaivota homes, thank you
House Improvements
The Amigos supported the Pirilampos home this year by contributing to a new football field, new windows and doors for their after school building, furniture and air conditioning.
We rely on donations to continue our work -- please visit our
 website to find out how you can donate or contact us for more information.
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