Rollers coasters - sometimes fun, sometimes not!

Midwives on Missions of Service

Roller coaster!

Some folks like roller coasters; some don't.  MOMS has been on a roller coaster ride in 2016.  

The Ups:  
  • We started the train-the-trainer in Sierra Leone. Four student trainers passed their tests and continue their studies independently till we return.  They are so excited about the future - they are full of hope.  
  • The Spring 2016 teaching trip was really good - 33 women took the class, and all passed the exam.  They started working and reports are positive.  They are excited about the future - and full of hope. 
  • We made great plans for Jitta to come to the US in July, to do some fund-raising and networking (and a little playing).  We are excited and hopeful.  
  • Another agency offered significant help with fundraising.  This news was so exciting and filled us with hope.  

The Thrills:

  • We've been invited to begin work in Tanzania, Ghana, and Nepal.  Wow!!
  • We've been invited to work in several other areas of Sierra Leone, in the central, north, and western regions.  Several people have talked about the possibilities of starting a midwifery school in the Southern Province, where there is none.  This is so cool!

The Downs:

  • Jitta's trip was delayed for at least six weeks by the lack of response from the US Embassy.  This is a deep disappointment.  
  • Donations are waaaayyy down.  This scares me.  
Here's the deal

Back in 2010, donations to MOMS dropped off so sharply that we almost closed.  A handful of gifts kept us afloat and kept up our hopes.  Since then, we received donations of $40,000 a year or less.  (We make two trips and train 65 women a year, and stay legal on that.)

We promised the women of Sierra Leone that we would "shake the trees to get the green leaves" we need to help save their lives and prepare them to make the changes they need in their communities.  We work hard to get grants and other major gifts.  

And we follow the steps of St Francis. 

We serve with our minds, bodies, and hearts the neediest, the least, of the world.  We put our selves on the line, and we beg you to help however you can.  

  • We do not have the money to pay the rent on our headquarters.  (The Sierra Leonean Gov't requires an office and furnishings.  We are legal.)
  • We do not have the money for the planned trip in early November.  (A trip costs about 11,000, plus airfare which the volunteer teachers pay.)
I am talking to you about this so openly because the women of Sierra Leone need you.  They need your help to live. 
Your Help Is Vital

MOMS has been doing really good work on a shoestring.  Now that shoestring is fraying.  

Needed Income for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017:  $67,000
Cash on hand:  $2,800
Expected Income for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017:  $28,000
So, you see, we can't make it unless something changes.  We have done our best to be careful, squeezing every penny and even doing without, in order to make the budget work.  Something, though, must change:  that something is our income.  

Below, you see a picture of the best classroom we have ever worked in, and the women attending carefully.  A local school donated the use of this space.  

Below that, you see another class gathered around models showing how a fetus develops in the womb.  I found these models on eBay; the set is incomplete and banged up, but it works!  They are thrilled to learn that a human baby is fully human even when in the womb.  
Mariama paying careful attention
Examining the fetal models

Bai-kah-kah (thank you very much)

We are so grateful for the support you have given us.  We are proud of our successes, which are many.  We are excited by the invitations to do more work by those who have seen our results.  We are willing to do the hard work of planning and teaching. We just need your help.  

Please let us know if you will help us.  
  • Giving generously
  • Joining the Board
  • Arranging for speaking engagements
  • Finding grants and helping with grant-writing
  • Taking the lead on social media
  • Sharing with your friends and family
To donate, click this link to go to our website's Donate page at  You have a lot of payment choices.  
If you primarily use a mobile device, you can donate on PocketCause, here:

To share ideas, just reply to this email or click here.

To volunteer for the Board or to teach, see our website page for volunteers here:

Please share this email with your friends who are looking for a way to make a difference in the world.  

Thank you, thank you. 

Trish Ross and Chris McManus
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