Lots of news, a worry, and lots of hope.
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Greetings to all our friends, family, and supporters!
We have some great news, good news, worrisome news, and lots of gratitude to share.  
First, good news with a hint of worry

Our long-time staffers, Jitta and Junior (Alpha), are set to become parents again!  Their baby, a boy, is due in April, but the doctor in Sierra Leone is worried.  He has scheduled surgical delivery at the end of March.  Given we are so far apart, we feel helpless and that is frustrating.  I (Trish) have a ticket to Sierra Leone in mid-April, which we bought so I could attend the birth.  We will let you know what happens. Please pray for Jitta, Junior, and their baby boy.    

Just plain good news!

We have planned our summer class and the team has tickets!  The team includes Cherilyn Porter, Christie McManus, and me.  Cherilyn is our granddaughter and will start a PhD program in Science Education in the fall.  With the death of her parents, her support system has been shaken.  If you can help with her costs, click here:

We will teach at a village called Blama Massaquoi in the Pujehun District from June through mid-July.  This village is near Jitta's mother and Jitta is well-known there.  The people are thrilled about the hometown girl who has made good, and they are excited that she is bringing MOMS home to them. ( In the photo below, you don't see "thrilled" - just know that it is the custom to appear serious and intent for photographs.)  
The women of Blama Massaquoi send you their greetings!
The women of Blama Massaquoi
Bad news and hope!

Our generator at our headquarters in Bo has died.  RIP, good and faithful generator: You ran your heart out with nine years of hard and faithful service.  

Without electricity, we cannot run the office at all - no charging of laptops or phones, no printing.  When darkness falls, abut 6:30 or so, work must be done by candlelight or lanterns  So, Jitta and Junior must head out to internet cafes or print shops to send emails or print documents.  This can take most of a day, and wastes money as well.  

So, we want to electrify the house:  But what is best?  A new generator costs a couple thousand, is noisy, uses a lot of fuel, and is noxious.  Connecting to Bo City mains costs a couple thousand to install poles and run wire - and service is sporadic and expensive.

So, we come to solar.  Clean, efficient, silent.  Gives work to a woman-owned business. Affordable:  Just about $2,000 will provide the installation of two panels, batteries, inverters, and all the other stuff needed.  Wonderful!

But we don't have $2,000.  Do you have friends who can help us raise this?  Please advocate for us, and forward this email.  While the solar is not directly "on mission," it enables us to accomplish our mission more efficiently.  These are the pesky things that can really throw us off course.  

So, please let your friends know about this need.  Thank you.

Below, you see one view of the house, the well, and the wall that surrounds the compound.  With the wall and our Chief Security Officer (Jack the Dog) and his assistant (Deke the Puppy), the equipment will be secure.

Solar panels will go on the roof, to the left.  


Results from previous training - very good news!

We got a detailed report from the women we have taught.  Here is an excerpt (please note that this is Jitta's translation from the Mende language):  

"Memunatu (one of our new trainers) introduced the women to the clinic In-charge.  The Nurses were so happy about the women.   Mr. Jaya (a member of the District Health Leadership Team) was also happy about the presentation he witnessed in Pellie.  He further added his voice to Memunatu with regards to the skills and knowledge the women have received from MOMS training. He echoes his voice by saying BRAVO! BRAVO! to MOMS for such a tremendous striving in making good out of these women in Kailahun District and beyond.  Mamie Musa (a new member of our Leadership Council) said by next week she will call up a meeting and she will ensure that MOMS hear good new with regards Luawa group formation and it's full operation."  

It is so good to get these reports, where the women we train are doing good work, and the Ministry of Health Staff and Leadership recognize and appreciate them.   
MOMS' Leadership Council welcomes Mamie Musa, from Luawa Chiefdom.
MOMS Leadership Council and Trainers
MOMS' Chief Security Officer, Jack, and his assistant, Deke

Bai-kah-kah (thank you very much)

I always end these updates with our thanks.  We are so grateful, and our colleagues and staff are, too.  We all are so happy for your support; I can't describe how happy and touched we are by your generosity.

We want you to share us with your friends.  If someone has good leadership skills and would make a good board member, please encourage that person to visit our website, the Volunteer page, for information.  

Another vital page on our website is here: Donate!  You'll find a link to our Amazon wishlist.  We love it when a box arrives with things we need (Claudia, Kaya, Sheri, Kathy - thank you!)  Cindy and Brian donated their old SUV through CarEasy, which is linked on our Donate page.   Thank you!  

And as always, I encourage you to talk to us.  Ask questions.  Offer to teach for us or to serve on the Board.  Talk with me!  

Thank you, thank you. 

Trish Ross and Chris McManus

Contacting MOMS…

On our website, we offer much info for supporters and possible volunteers.  We have photo albums and descriptions of our philosophy, values, people, and projects.  Let us know what else you'd like to see.  
On the Facebook page, we offer regular updates, photos, and stories, along with links to articles and info about organizations doing similar work.

Mailing address:  PO Box 1656, Gualala, CA  95445
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On our website, you'll find links so you can donate via several methods.  

On the Facebook page, under the cover photo, you'll find Donate button.  

We also cheerfully accept checks; make them out to MOMS and send to PO Box 1656, Gualala, CA  95445.

MOMS is a 501(c)(3) so gifts usually are tax-deductible.  Our Employee ID Number, EIN, is 93-1254632.     
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