Year-end progress - thanks for your support!  And the February trip is coming soon!

Midwives on Missions of Service

2013 Update

In 2011, we weren't sure MOMS would survive - but you had faith and we kept working. 

So, here in 2013, we've been busy: 
  • We trained a new group, who are today working in two clinics and are changing their villages. 
  • We celebrated opening the clinic we helped build - and dozens of babies have been born in this clean, airy space. 
  • We updated all the women on breast health, and we taught and outfitted staff in seven clinics on the Helping Babies Breathe program.  
  • We set up a MOMS Advisory Council, consisting of someone from each group we've taught.  They plan, solve problems, and give us essential input. 
  • We met all requirements of the Government for office space, signage, etc.  (Jitta is delighted to have a place to work and a store room for all the boxes of visual aids and other stuff!)

Whew!  and we're ready for more....

Coming soon!

In February-March, we'll train 30 more women.  We're planning a Jamboree in Pellie, our first site.  In addition to judging the skit contests, we'll teach the Helping Babies Breathe program. 

In July-August, we'll train another new group - this time in the Bo District.  This will include our first Train-the-Trainer session, and we'll work with the Rural Healthcare Initiative.  This trip will have many firsts!

How to help....

First, share this email with your friends.  Thanks!  (That was easy, wasn't it?)

Second, donate.  We need $5,000 more to fund the trip in February.  $10 helps a woman attend the Jamboree.  $20 feeds and houses a volunteer for a day.  For $350, we can train a woman to provide good maternity care, make changes, teach others, and become financially independent.  Our annual budget is about $25,000 - we're very efficient.
Third, "Like" us on Facebook and Share our posts.  This is free, effective publicity for us.
MOMS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), agency, so your gifts to us are tax-deductible - and remember to send your donation in the next two weeks!  

Every woman we train will save lives and protect the well-being of women and girls.  Our MOMS TBAs make a difference - and you make that possible.  

We thank you, as do all the women and others in the villages.  Mamie Lamin, in the picture below with Mary Jane Lavin, told me to tell you that she is grateful. 

Take care,

Trish Ross and Chris McManus
Colonialism, racism, the politics and theology of poverty??
We engage in many conversations on these topics.  You'll find some of that discussion on our web site and Facebook page. 

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