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Brexit -- making the most of the new normal

In the weeks since British voters elected to leave the European Union there’s been a great deal of speculation regarding what happens next and how the economic climate will be affected. But one thing is clear -- Britain is still an important market and a good place to do business. Here are five things to understand if you’re wondering when and whether to do business in the UK.

Atlantic Leap client The Media Trust commissions new global malware study
Chris Olsen, CEO, The Media Trust

A new study commissioned by Atlantic Leap client The Media Trust has taken the first look at global perceptions regarding malware and malvertising. The study, conducted by ExchangeWire Research, found a widespread lack of awareness and understanding regarding this growing challenge for publishers and agencies.

Atlantic Leap has worked closely with The Media Trust to introduce its media verification, malware protection and advertising quality assurance capabilities to publishers, agencies and networks across the EMEA region. The new research was debuted at an event last week in London organised by Atlantic Leap partner Matt O’Neill.

This article in The Drum reports on some of the conclusions from the study. A full copy of the study is available here.
Protecting your business against currency volatility
Currency has suddenly become a key consideration for European businesses trading in the wake of Brexit. In this article, we set out what executive teams need to know - and suggest currency strategies for firms trading on the continent and elsewhere.
Inevitably over the weeks and months ahead the long-term implications and impact of Brexit from a data privacy perspective will begin to take shape. Mark Barron of Taylor Wessing looks at what's expected for privacy policy post-Brexit.
What We're Reading:

Many British venture capitalists would have struggled without an injection of funds from the European Investment Fund. Post-Brexit, this finance could now be in jeopardy. Read more here.

Some believe Britain’s reputation as the startup capital of Europe will be lost as a result of Brexit. Quartz has laid out the contenders to take Britain’s place.

Amidst the gloom, The Drum have taken a (marginally) more positive view of events – speculating that ‘Leave’ will see British startups having to think more internationally about their business, expanding their horizons as a result.

If entrepreneurs such as the founders of and Skype have their way, we could see the arrival of a ‘single startup market’ that will include Europe-wide regulation for new tech businesses. Those behind the initiative claim that a current lack of unity regarding regulation means that it hasn’t been possible for large companies like Apple and Facebook to be founded and grown in Europe. 

Finally, a longer read. EADA Business School professor Boyd Cohen has said believes the EU will one day overtake the US as the dominant global hub for innovation. Written pre-Brexit, it will be interesting to see how his predictions shape up.

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