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The biggest digital players are global

For digital startups, international expansion is the best way to ensure long-term, sustained growth. However, companies can’t afford to wait until domestic growth has plateaued before planning their overseas strategy -- a delay at this point and momentum can stall, international competitors can emerge to block market entry and investors can get nervous. With Facebook and Amazon earning more than half their revenue from outside the US, the message is clear: if a company wants to be big, it needs to go global. So, how did today’s tech giants do it? Check out our our latest post on LinkedIn.

Investment for European startups -- a quick guide

As the European tech industry matures, the opportunities for realising startup success in the UK and on the continent have never been greater. London, Stockholm and Berlin are all home to thriving tech communities, with many first-generation founders helping other startups following successful exits of their own. But in the world of digital startups, there is one area where Europe has traditionally lagged behind the US: funding. So why is this? And are times changing? 

European expansion: Three reasons to leap now

Getting a foothold in one’s home market can be tricky enough, so for many companies the thought of setting their sights overseas might not immediately resonate. While it might seem better to consolidate domestic growth and then start looking further afield, for many companies makes sense to set the wheels in motion now.

Here's why.

Data transfers still a challenge for transatlantic business six months after the death of Safe Harbor
It is simply impossible for the flows of personal data between the US and EU to stop, but businesses are in the cross-hairs if – in the aftermath of the decision to kill off Safe Harbor – they cannot find an alternative solution. Chris Jeffery of Taylor Wessing explains.

What We're Reading:

One of the best ways to achieve sustainable growth is international expansion. However, there are some important factors to consider before making the leap. One of the things is to investigate whether a company has what it takes to go global.
 (Harvard Business Review)

At the beginning of April, Pinterest began opening up its ad business to markets outside of the US, starting with the UK. In the UK, unlike the US, agencies have welcomed Pinterest's slow and steady approach. Read more to find out how Pinterest is targeting the UK market(Digiday)

As shown in our article about the main tech hubs in Europe, Sweden is becoming an important contributor to the European startup scene. Read more about how the country has transformed its startup ecosystem and discover the three secrets to building a startup the Swedish way. (Medium)

Silicon Valley is much-lauded as the place to go for investment, but it’s not always the case. French entrepreneur Marc Rougier has spent several years in Silicon Valley, but has now returned to his native France as a VC - read his story here(Rude Baguette)

In other news, this VentureBeat article is an interesting read, explaining why so many Israeli startups have global success, but India - which has a dynamic startup scene - fails on the global scale. (VentureBeat)

Finally, we enjoyed this piece describing how German founder Bastian Lehmann has defied the expectations of the Silicon Valley elite to make Postmates one of the leaders in the delivery sector. (Pando)

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