At COTS Youth we aim to be real in our faith, have fun, & meet each person where they are.
Every youth can belong.
The retreat was a blast.  Click the pic for the album!

Night Hike at Squire's Castle


   Who:    You and your friends in grades 6-8.

   When:  THIS Fri, Oct 4, 7:00 - 10:30 pm

   Where:  Meet and pick up in the Jr Youth Room (down the stairs just inside the carport entrance of the church).

   What:    We'll hike to the historic Squire's Castle.  In the dark.  With the bears.  And the s'mores.  It's a lot of fun. We'll try to not get lost this time.

   Why:     Journeys through the woods are totally different after the sun goes down - it's cool.  And nothing builds relationship like shared experience! 

   REQUIRED:  COTS Kids & Youth Registration 2019-2020 

Youth & Parents - Sign up to help with Breathe!


   Who:    Youth and friends in grades 6-12 and parents.

REQUIRED:  COTS Kids & Youth Registration 2019-2020 

Sign up to serve by Oct 7. 
Contact Laura Moseley

   What:    Give families of kids with special rights a break by hanging out with their kids for a couple hours on a Friday night.  These kids and families are amazing.

   Why:     We are able to help families find just a little space that they couldn't otherwise get.  Space to go on a date or to run errands or to pay the bills or to take a nap or whatever they need.

   When:   Friday, Oct 11, 5:15 - 9:00 pm. 
Dinner for volunteers at 5:15 so we can be ready at 5:45.  Cleanup/put away at 8:30. Done at 9:00!

   Where:  Meet and pick up inside the Great Hall (we need to keep the lobby free.)

   Finally:  While we encourage youth to participate in all of our service opportunities, this happens to be an event where we need every youth volunteer to WANT to be there to serve.  This is a voluntary thing where we have limited ability to help keep our volunteers "on task".  If you'd like your son or daughter to participate even though they are reluctant or their primary motivation is to hang out with their friends, we invite you as the parent to please sign up and serve alongside them (a cool thing to do).

We are excited to have such a great group eager to care for our neighbors!

Get to Know Confirmation

   Who:   Youth in grades 8-12 and parents.

   What:   Confirmation starts in January and it'll be here before we know it!  We'll get together for a little bit to give an overview of what confirmation is and what it isn't and what we'll be asking of you if you decide to be a part of it.  Lunch is provided.  Younger sibs are welcome to grab some food and hang out in the other room.  Questions?  Contact Curt.

   When:  THIS Sunday, October 6, 12:15-1:30 pm

   Where:  Meet & pick up in the Jr Youth Room (down the stairs just inside the carport entrance of the church).

   How:    Sign ups are helpful (for food) but not required.  Sign up here!

Sunday Mornings
for Jr High


   Who:    Youth and friends in grades 6-8.

   REQUIRED:  COTS Kids & Youth Registration 2019-2020 

   When:  Each Sunday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

   Where:  Grade 6 & 7 - Meet and pick up in Room 204.
   Grade 8 - Meet and pick up in Jr Youth Room 097.

   What:    What does the Bible have to do with middle school youth?  Legendary Brian and Tom dig in with grades 6 & 7 and connect us with who God is and how God is and why God matters.  For grade 8, we take off our "kid" hat and try on the "not kid" hat. There's good stuff waiting for us! 

   Why:     As we grow and mature, so can our understanding of God.  And the growing is so much richer with each additional person. We are each counting on each others' perspective and thoughts to make it happen.  Will you join us?
Online COTS Kids & Youth Registration 2019-2020
A completed COTS Kids & Youth Registration is required for each youth and is valid for the school year.  Please help us by having friends' parents complete the waiver.
Revised 8/30/2019

Save the Date!

Oct 6
Confirmation Info Session
April 3-5
Mini Mission Trip to Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland!
July 11-19 (estimate)
Youth Mission Trip
(location TBA)

What is COTS Jr Youth?

COTS Jr Youth is our ministry for youth in grades 6-8. We're at Church of the Saviour United Methodist and meet most weeks for youth group or to serve others.  Learn about all the ways to get involved at

Curt Campbell is the Youth Director at Church of the Saviour.  Please contact him to get involved, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or just want to catch up!
M: 216.903.9610
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