#19 - Heavy On The Ride
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Heavy On The Ride
Twisted UK Heavy Robot-Rock

Today's band is coming from Swansea, UK and will surely help you fill that missing dose of fuzz for your entire day. They released 2 wonderful EPs, the first in 2012 and the 2nd one, "Different Animals" in September of this year.

Blasting heavy and high-powered Stoner Rock or what we might called QOTSAesque "Robot-Rock". They indeed have a lot of similarities with the Queens' first albums, syncopated, twisted riffs, and even adding their own thicker layer. Yeah sometimes I can feel some sludgy, nasty, punkish elements in the sound, and even in the vocals too (Oliveri's spirit isn't very far !). Yep we have some impressive stuff here !

Heavy On The Ride do have some more mind-liberating moments too, but they are often scattered over the greasier parts. The only song where you will have the time to let your brain pause for a while, before being completely mashed, is their longest one, "In Our Time Of Need", in the first EP, "Delaying The Inevitable".

This is the only thing I can reproach, I'd have loved to get more of those trippy moments. But Hey ! This is only my opinion, and I can assure you they already came up with a bunch of kickass tunes here :)     

Head over to Bandcamp for the 1st EP and Soundcloud to have a preview of 3 tracks out of 4 of their 2nd one. 

Favorite Track :

I Owe You Nothing

For fans of :

QOTSA, Witchrider, Mother Corona

Atmosphere Levels

If you don't know what those "Levels" means, please check out this link.

Fat Level

Purple Haze Level

Temperature Level

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