What The Fuckers! Hello, it's me. Your trusted guide to the daily shock and awe. 

I'm writing today because you support (or supported) me through Patreon. That makes you a remarkable human. It's support like yours that makes WTFJHT possible. 

About a month ago, Patreon announced that they were going to start charging you more. Then they announced they weren't, but that they might revisit this again? I don't know. It was an unnecessary, self-inflicted wound on their part and it gave me serious pause. So...

I'm switching from Patreon to Memberful. And I hope you'll join me (more below). I'm telling you this now because I want you to have the opportunity to make a decision before you're charged by Patreon on February 1st. 

Why I'm Switching.

  • Lower Fees: Patreon charges me 5% just to use their platform on top of the standard credit card processing fees. Memberful charges just 2%. That means more of your money goes to supporting WTFJHT – just like you intended. 
  • Simplicity. Memberful provides all the tools I need to do my job instead of juggling spreadsheets and manual accounting. Having everything I need in one place means I can spend my time focusing on the thing you're supporting me to do. 
  • Control. Patreon is a bit of a walled garden; WTFJHT is more like the public commons. I need to be able to integrate your membership into the tools and services I use, now and in the future.

Here Are Your Options.

Option A: Status Quo. Do nothing and continue pledging your support as-is via Patreon. You'll still receive the monthly What's up with WTF Just Happened Today emails and all the other things that come with supporting the only newsletter that matters. 

Option B: Move Your Pledge. This is the preferred option. It makes my life easier and more of your money goes to supporting WTFJHT. Here's how you do it: More information can be found at the WTFJHT Membership page.

I hope this process is painless, but if you have any issues, please email me and we'll work it out:

(Please note that because of the way credit card processing fees work, a $1 monthly pledge sees 35% disappear to credit card companies. Seems, I don't know, like a waste of your money. As an alternative, consider the annual equivalent of $12/yr, where only 8% of your pledge disappears to fees. But if you absolutely prefer $1/mo, here's that option, as well as a $3/mo option.)
We both know that I'd rather spend my time writing WTF Just Happened Today than dealing with the business of "business operations." I hope you'll continue pledging your support – whatever the platform – and be part of the 1% of people who make this project possible.

WTF Matt
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