The initial RAMM Training Course dates for 2014 have been released. See below
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RAMM Software Newsletter December 2013

Welcome to our December Newsletter. In this Newsletter we bring you:

  • the RAMM Training Course diary for the first half of 2014

  • RSL office hours over the Christmas and New Year period

  • important advice about Grid screen layout changes

  • confirmation of the imminent removal of the Citrix Login page from the RSL web site

  • assistance for Pocket RAMM 6.1 users.

Your RAMM Training Courses in 2014

If you want to use the RAMM Software Suite more productively, you have a number of options. You can watch the videos (such as for RAMM GIS, Car ManagerHosting Administration and the Patrol features of Pocket RAMM), you can read the manuals (such as for Traffic Count Estimation), and you can come to the RSL offices in Rosedale Road, Auckland to be taught in person by our skilled and professional trainers.
Varied Training Courses
The courses available range from the beginners course, RAMM 101 - Fundamentals of RAMM, to advanced user courses such as RAMM 203 - Assessment and RAMM 205 - Forward Work Programme. There are also application-specific courses such as RAMM 302 - RAMM GIS and the CAR Manager series.
Become a RAMM Champion
The courses are graded and build on each other. For instance, you should probably complete RAMM 101 - Fundamentals of RAMM before attempting RAMM 201 - Advanced Aspects of RAMM. When you have completed all the courses you will be a RAMM Champion.
Dedicated Training Facilities
One of the reasons we shifted into our current offices was that we were able to set up a dedicated training room with appropriate facilities. So when you turn up for your training, everything is prepared for a running start.
Guaranteed to Run
Even if you are the only person to register for a scheduled course, it is guaranteed to run. RSL believes training courses are for the good of our industry as a whole so we are committed to running them.
Cost to You
Follow this link to discover the content of the courses and the cost to you for training. Please remember that your travel and accommodation costs, if any, are your own and are not covered in the course fee.
"It is a truth universally acknowledged that RAMM users who have been trained properly accomplish more with RAMM and gain more out of RAMM." 

RSL Office and the Holiday Period

Our friendly and helpful Support staff will be taking a well-earned break over the Christmas and New Year period.
Office Open from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd
The RAMM office will close for Christmas and the New Year on Friday 20th December 2013, and reopen again on Monday, 6th January 2014. We will have limited Support services available during this time should you need assistance. You can contact Support in the usual manner, either by phoning 0800 256 832 (NZ) 1800 196 213 (Aus) or by emailing
Merry Christmas to All Our Users
On behalf of Campbell and the team at RAMM, we hope you have a very enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2014.

RAMM Tip - Save and Share Your Grid Layouts Now

All RAMM Grid screens have highly configurable layouts so that you can personalise them to suit your particular work practices. If you want to know more about using and configuring Grid screens, read here.

Now is a perfect time to preserve all your personalised RAMM Grid screen layouts by saving them. That is because from February 2014 the default Grid screen layouts in RAMM are being upgraded. So, if you have not saved your personalised RAMM Grid screen layouts, they will disappear and be replaced by the new default layouts. If you want to know more about saving and sharing your Grid screen layouts (and your filters) with others in your office, in your company and on your database, read here

Citrix Login Removal

If you are not using the RAMM Applications login to access RAMM, you have been missing out. You can find out more about RAMM Applications here.

As advised earlier, the RAMM Applications login is replacing the Citrix Login on the RSL web site in the New Year. You can still use the Citrix login - just no longer from the web site. You might want to read about the the reasons for the removal from the web site and what this might mean for you here.

Pocket RAMM 6.1 Flowcharts

RAMM 6.1 has now been released and is available for client upgrades. Pocket RAMM users not familiar with the Patrol functions of Pocket RAMM will notice changes in the user interface.

A series of flowcharts is being trialed to assist those users with learning the new interface. The flowcharts advise users of the start and end of day routines, they identify all the new icons, they outline adding jobs and assets and more. If you are interested, a pdf of the flowcharts is available to view and download here.

RAMM Links

Training Courses
Follow this link to the Training Courses we offer

Training Course Diary
Here are the Training Courses planned until the middle of 2014.

Information Sheets
These Information Sheets give quick overview of Training Course content.
Hosting Administration

Hosting Administration

Recover Password
Lost your Password? Find out how to recover it here.

Check RAMM Usage
Want to know your Hosting Service usage? Find out how to check it for yourself here.

Add Photo of Yourself
You can manage your RAMM account details including choosing your own password, and uploading a photo of yourself. Find out more here.

What's New in RAMM

Release Notes
Did you know that with each Production release and each Beta release of the RAMM software, the changes made to the RAMM suite are detailed for you to read here?

Features in RAMM 2011a and RAMM 6
The new features of RAMM 2011a and RAMM 6 are detailed by subject here.

Pocket Launcher
There is a new and improved way to launch Pocket RAMM. We call it Pocket Launcher. RAMM 6.1 users will be able to launch Pocket RAMM only using Pocket Launcher. Learn more about it here.
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