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Keeping You Up-to-date

Keeping You Up-to-date


11th May 2016
Excellence in Asset Management
Our Friendly and Helpful Support Analysts

Roohi, Raneen and Tracy (pictured above) are our software support analysts. They will be here to help you from 1st June. When you phone or email RAMM Support, they will be the first responders to deal with your issue using the system outlined below. So call 1800 196 213 during your business hours for assistance. You can also email From 1st June.

Meet Portia
Portia McLaughlan is our Support Team Lead. She is responsible for the performance of the Support team. She liases with the Development Team to ensure they fix your bugs and implement your suggestions for improvements. Oh and speaking of performance, her name is pronounced Porsche.
RAMM Release Notes
The RAMM Software suite is being constantly improved. We release new versions every 3-4 weeks and the release notes are called What's New in RAMM. View them here. Or at follow the menu path Support > Latest Release Notes. You don't even have to wait until 1st June.
Pick up the phone
CALL US 1800 196 213
From June 1st if you need support assistance, contact us at 1800 196 213. You can call us during normal business hours, 7.30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. If we are unable to answer, your call will be redirected to our voice message service.
leave us a message
If we cannot answer the telephone you are welcome to leave a detailed message. When you do this a Support Ticket is automatically created. It is then allocated to one of our Support operators to deal with. We always respond ASAP to telephone messages.
Asset Maintenance and Pocket RAMM Training Course
When a support email is received, a support ticket is automatically created. These tickets are prioritised and allocated. The speed of resolution will depend on the seriousness of the issue. But big or small, your problem becomes the job of one of our support staff to sort out.
Inspections and Pocket RAMM
With just a few taps on a Pocket RAMM mobile touchscreen device, you can record maintenance jobs you've done? And record the job costs automatically? While standing next to the asset or job? It really is that simple. See an overview here. See it in action here. Find out more about our mobile solution here.
The Video Library is open now
Watching videos is more entertaining and is a faster learning experience than reading user manuals. The user assistance documentation set for RAMM GIS, User Defined Tables, Pocket RAMM, and in particular the Patrol functions, are available here.
Welcome to RAMM Training

We have scheduled four 3½ day training course blocks in the Perth Trainwest facilities. These will run even if there is only one person registered. You can register for one, two or three courses here. Check out the course costs here.

Essential RAMM

  • 14th June, 5th and 26th July and 16th August

Asset Management and Pocket RAMM

  • 15th June, 6th and 27th July and 17th August

Asset Maintenance and Pocket RAMM

  • 16th and 17th June, 7th-8th and 28th-29th July and 18th-19th August

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TEL: (NZ) 0800 256 832
TEL: (Aus) 1800 196 213
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