RAMM will be the most efficient way to implement ONRC
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ONRC Coming Soon

The NZ road industry has agreed to implement One Network Road Classification (ONRC) on all roads in NZ. So every RCA will soon be required to classify each of the roads in their network according to ONRC criteria.

RAMM is the Solution

The good news is that RAMM will be the most efficient way to achieve this. RAMM Software Ltd (RSL) is creating a solution that will enable councils to classify their roads “at the press of a button” so to speak. Naturally, councils will then use their local knowledge to fine tune the result.

This release is scheduled for the end of June 2014. The algorithm which will determine the classification for each road will use the criteria agreed by the industry.

ONRC Refresher

The ONRC involves categorising roads based on the functions they perform as part of an integrated national network.  The classification will help local government and the NZ Transport Agency to plan, invest in, maintain and operate the road network in a more strategic, consistent and affordable way throughout the country. 

The ONRC project has three elements:
•         classifying roads into categories based on their function in the national network
•         Customer Levels of Service (CLoS), which define what the fit for purpose outcomes are for each category in terms of mobility, safety, accessibility and amenity
•         development of the performance measures and targets, which will effectively determine how the categories and customer levels of service translate into specific maintenance, operational and investment decisions.

The second and third aspects of the ONRC are currently under discussion by the Road Efficiency Group. So, initially, RAMM will cover only the first of these.

There is no extra charge for this update to the RAMM suite.

Find Out More About ONRC

Follow this link to the NZTA web site.

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