RAMM 6.1 will be here soon. Highlights below.
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RAMM Software Newsletter Q4 2013

Welcome to the first RAMM email newsletter. We are writing to everyone with a RAMM login to highlight the RAMM v6.1 release, which is coming soon. In RAMM v6.1 you can manage your buildings, your parks, reserves, and open space assets using the same assessment, asset valuation and contract management features of RAMM that you use to manage your road assetsIn RAMM v6.1, RAMM GIS users will be able to draw their asset shape files themselves. RAMM Detail combines with RAMM GIS to enable you to add and maintain many simple assets as well as your UDT assets. Pocket RAMM users will appreciate the new user interface in RAMM v6.1.

Manage Your Parks in RAMM

In RAMM v6.1 you can manage your parks, reserves, and open spaces using the same software you use for your road assets. The new, more sophisticated User Defined Tables (UDTs) being introduced in RAMM v6.1 enable you to do this. You can also to create your own map display records of your parks, reserves and open space assets. You do this simply by tracing around the park perimeter on a map.
To do this you set up your own Park UDT in RAMM v6.1 and add a park record. You open RAMM GIS, turn on the Google Map view and select the record on the map. You then turn on Edit mode and trace around the perimeter of your park. The shape you create becomes the shape which displays on the map in RAMM, RAMM Contractor and Pocket RAMM.

Park Benches, BBQs, Botanical Features

Parks are not just an open space. They comprise trees, BBQs, benches, playgrounds and other such assets.

The advanced UDT Component functions can be used to group and manage maintenance of these assets. Park records can be located by GPS coordinates, by displacement from a road centre line, or both. 

Manage Your Building Assets

Now you can manage your buildings using the same software you use for your road assets. You set up a Building UDT in RAMM 6.1 and use it for programming building maintenance tasks. The standard RAMM workflows are used to programme inspections and maintenance. RAMM asset valuation and assessment functions can be applied and you can use the standard RAMM Contractor dispatch and job functions to programme maintenance and inspections. You can even use Pocket RAMM to enter information on site.
The flexible UDT Component functions (see below) are used to create the roofing, structural, electrical, hydraulic and other building-related attributes you want to manage.

Components Are the Key

UDTs can have associated Components. For instance with your Park UDTs you can associate the playgrounds, BBQs, seats and even your trees as Components. You can then manage them all as a group. You can add jobs against individual Components so that your costs are associated with the Component itself rather than the Park asset as a whole.
Components, once created can be used in any UDT. Component relationships can be hierarchical, or not, as appropriate.

User Group Conference

In September 2012 RSL hosted a very successful RAMM User Group (RUG) conference. Our next one is in the planning stage and is scheduled for Q3 2014. The date and venue will be advised in early 2014 when decided.

Pocket RAMM User Interface

The Pocket RAMM user experience has been improved for RAMM v6.1. Pocket RAMM will have the look and feel of its Patrol touchscreen functions. It will be much more simple and direct to open Pocket RAMM and once opened, users will discover that the settings have now been grouped for their convenience.
We have made these improvements in close consultation with some of our Pocket RAMM users.

RAMM Tip - Where Are My Folders?

Some RAMM Hosting Service users have opened Windows Explorer to access files from their computer but can no longer find them. That is because there has been a change in the Windows Explorer user interface after a recent upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.
In the Favorite Links panel on the left there is now a Folders arrowhead at the bottom. If you click that arrowhead, the folders will be revealed.

New RSL Web Site

The RAMM Software Ltd (RSL) RAMM Login web site is 7 years old and internet technology has advanced considerably in that time. There is now a completely new RSL web site. It will be released in early December. You can check it out from the link on the front page of the current site or use this link. The site has been designed for optimal display in wide screen monitors yet works well and resizes itself in tablets and smart phones.

Please note that the address of the site will remain but the addresses of all the internal pages will be different. So if, for instance, you have bookmarked a page, such as the RAMM Training Diary page, this bookmark will no longer resolve when the new site goes live.

RAMM Links

Training Courses
Follow this link to the Training Courses we offer.

Training Course Diary
Here are the Training Courses planned before year's end.

Information Sheets
These Information Sheets give quick overview of Training Course content.

RAMM Login Changes

Citrix Login Is Going
Read here why the Citrix Login is going and find out your options.

RAMM Applications
If you haven't yet logged in to the RAMM suite using RAMM Applications then try it here. This short RAMM Applications video shows how to optimise your use of it.

Visualise, Analyse, Interpret

RAMM GIS is our Geographic Information System. You use it to visualise, question, analyse, interpret and understand your RAMM data. Relationships, patterns and trends are revealed when you use RAMM GIS. Check out Using RAMM GIS.

Map Layers from the Web
You can view external data sets on the RAMM GIS map. Find out how in Adding Web Service Layers.

Optimise RAMM GIS
The fastest way to optimise your RAMM GIS experience is to watch Fifteen Handy RAMM GIS Hints.

Control User Access

Hosting Administration
Clients now use Hosting Administration to manage user access to their databases. Check out this overview of Hosting Administration. 

Security Zone Access
You use Hosting Administration to control Security Zone Access.

Recover Your Password
Lost your RAMM Login password? Recovering it is easy. See here.


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