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15th June 2015
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Keeping You Up-to-date
Pocket RAMM Job Shapes
Pocket RAMM users have been asking for more Job Shape options. So now, you can make the Shape of the Job the same as the Asset Shape.
RAMM GIS Lines Now Arrows
You can now create Layers in RAMM GIS which display as arrows. This is useful for seeing the direction of Carriageways and Patrol operators.
RAMM Detail
RAMM Detail
You can now use RAMM Detail to edit more RAMM Assets. There is also better handling of Parent Child Asset relationships. RAMM Detail just gets more useful.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
The RAMM Hosting Service is being moved to Microsoft Azure which is an integrated operating system for cloud computing. There are real benefits.
RAMM Detail
The RAMM API allows RAMM Asset and Dispatch data to be read and in many cases modified by externally developed software. You Should Be Using It.
Our Consultants Fiona and Richard
Consultants Fiona and Richard were at the RAMM stand at IPWEA in Rotorua. They, and Catherine, are the ones to call (NZ 0800 256 832 Aus 1800 196 213).
Farewell Nigel
Farewell Nigel
Nigel Lynton is leaving us after 17 years with RAMM. We will miss Nigel's dry sense of humour, his smile, his lists of instructions from Lisa and his encyclopaedic institutional knowledge. Even though Nigel is leaving us, he will not be lost to RSL and the industry. He will be consulting to us for some time yet. We wish him every success in his new career.
This time of year is probably a good time to be reminded of one of Nigel's good works. His Top Traffic Count Estimation Tips and Tricks are available here
CAR Manager and Submitica Upgrade
Submitica has been live since January 2015 and over half of the NZ RCAs now accept CARs applications via Submitica. These councils are now seeing the benefits of more complete and accurate applications to assess and approve and a simpler process for applicants to advise work start and completion dates. The next major enhancement to CAR Manager, a Billing module, is now under development. More details will be included in the next newsletter. See how to switch on CARs from Submitica here (1:55).
CAR Warranty Process
CAR Manager has been updated so that it drives the Warranty Expiry process. Warranty Periods are for two years. Once the Warranty Period has expired, Utility Operators are required to inspect the works and confirm that they still comply with the WAP. Once the Corridor Manager is satisfied that it does comply they Sign Off the CAR. See how CAR Manager handles all this here (5:41).
Take Another Look at Site Dispatches
Do you remember Site Dispatches? You should. Site Dispatch Templates can now be associated with Assets as well as Sites. They are especially useful for Patrol Operators who need to perform regular inspections every day or every week. They are used in Parks, Open Space, Drainage and other Patrols. They are a very convenient way to show on the map where the Operator has work as well as enabling them to very easily create a record of having done the work.
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