The RAMM ONRC Solution has been released. See below
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RAMM Software Ltd (RSL) is delighted to announce that the ONRC solution for RCAs and their consultants has been released today.

Find the Solution in RAMM Applications

Open RAMM Applications to see the new ONRC Tile as below. Follow this link to open RAMM Applications.

It is a Special Version of RAMM GIS

The ONRC Solution is a specially modified version of RAMM GIS. If you are unfamiliar with RAMM GIS follow this link to the RAMM GIS training videos.

Generate Your Data in Seconds

The tool has been designed to enable you to generate your ONRC data in seconds. You can see the tool generating ONRC data in real time in a Dunedin test database here. The demonstration takes 51 seconds. Of course you then have to use your local knowledge to apply the ONRC Criteria.


View the Complete Process 

The best way to understand the tool that has been created for you is to watch the following demonstration. It will take just over ten minutes.

It's All on the RSL Web Site

All the ONRC resources RSL has assembled for you are available on the ONRC page of our web site here.

ONRC Links

Introduction to ONRC
Follow this link for a demonstration of the ONRC process. 

ONRC User Manual
The most convenient way to read about the RAMM ONRC tool is to print out the ONRC User Guide.

All the helpful information that RSL has on the ONRC web page here.

Follow this link to the NZTA ONRC web pages.
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