CAR applicants are now using Submitica. See below for details.
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RAMM Software Newsletter October 2014

RAMM User Group
Automatic Claiming and Estimating


Submitica is Here

RAMM Software Ltd has released Submitica. It is the new online portal for contractors, utility operators and other Corridor Access Request (CAR) applicants to create and maintain their CAR applications. It is now live.
CAR Manager and Submitica
CAR Manager and Submitica work in tandem but are completely separate applications. They both access the same Corridor Access Request database. This is very efficient for all parties to the CAR process.
Submitica Applicant Users
A small number of CAR applicants have been given login accounts and are using the software to manage their applications created outside of Submitica. The ability to create CARs from within Submitica will be available soon. When any applicant submits an application to an RCA which is using CAR Manager, the applicant will now use Submitica to update their application as required. Emails from CAR Manager to applicants will include links which open the relevant page in Submitica. 
Submitica Explained
If you want to understand the relationships between the applicants, the corridor managers and the various software applications, as well as the financial implications, then press the tile below or click this link. The explanation is aimed at giving Road Controlling Authorities a good understanding of how Submitica will make the CAR application and approval process even more efficient and easier to manage.

RAMM User Group (RUG) Conference 2014

200 RAMM users and RSL staff had a splendid day at the RAMM User Group Conference. This was held at Eden Park in mid September.
The Message
The consistent message throughout the day was that RSL had succeeded in meeting the three main requests from the users at the 2012 RUG. Users wanted:
  • higher quality software
  • more notice taken of user feedback
  • better communication.
User Feedback
All the RUG attendees were surveyed for feedback on how the day went. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive both for the small demonstration/feedback group sessions in the afternoon and for the RSL staff and RAMM User presentations in the morning.
The Presentations
The presentations were of a particularly high standard. Most of them are available for download here.
RAMM on the Big Screen 1
The first of the surprises of the day was seeing our RAMM Logo on the giant screens which normally show game scores and replays. Campbell Newman made the most of the opportunity with this selfie.
RAMM on the Big Screen 2
The second surprise of the day was when the sports section of the TV3 News screened. When you are a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit you have automatic entry to all parties, even ours apparently.

Auto Claiming and Auto Estimating

Accuracy and Efficiency
Auto Claiming (sometimes referred to as Auto Estimating) is the automation of the process of generating Claim and Estimate lines for a Job or Dispatch. It is most useful for field crews using Pocket RAMM. Once the work has been performed, and the Job Completed, the Claim or Estimate lines are generated automatically without the field crew needing to be familiar with the Claim and Estimation process.
Learn More
There is now a video set for Auto Claiming. There is:

RAMM 101

The RAMM 101 Training Course is being conducted on 11th November at the RSL offices in Rosedale Road, Auckland. Download the course information sheet here.

Register for the course here.


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