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Keeping You Up-to-date

Keeping You Up-to-date


15th December 2016
Road Closure Map

RAMM is once more being used to map road closures and road conditions in real time after a serious earthquake.


Four territorial authorites in the South Island have roads which have been affected by the recent earthquakes. They are the Hurinui, Kaikoura, and Marlborough District Councils plus NZTA Marlborough. They are using the RAMM Road Closure Map to share information.


They draw shapes on the RAMM GIS map and enter road condition and safety data into the Road Closure UDT. The shapes display on the Road Closure Map. The associated road condition and safety information displays as a tooltip (see above). If you wish to know more about the Road Closure Map and UDT please contact RAMM Support.

RAMM Inspections are coming

If you have a regular schedule of asset and other inspections, you will soon be able to generate and perform them in RAMM.


It will be truly simple. You will open RAMM Map and the layer(s) for the items to be inspected. Then you will lasso the items and Add Inspections for them all in one action.

Use Pocket RAMM for Inspections

Pocket users will be able to see inspections on their map. They will be able to filter the inspections so that only those from the current period which are assigned to them will display and be listed.


Entering the inspection data couldn't be simpler. See below.

Asset Management

The inspector stands next to the item and performs the inspection. The item being inspected either passes or fails the inspection. There is no middle ground. The inspector presses the Pass or Fail button.


The inspector can add notes if required. If there are common notes which are regularly added, these can be preconfigured to speed up the inspections process.


If the item fails the inspection, the operator can add a job there and then using the standard contract patrol buttons.


Asset details are available from the inspection record screen. If an asset assessment is required, the Assessment form is also available.

Make and Model Fields

Sometimes you want the values in one field to change based on the value in the other, for instance, in a Car UDT, when you select Holden at the car Make field, you want Commodore, Astra, Monaro and so on to be available at the Model field. When you select Toyota at the Make field, you want the Model field to offer only Corolla, Camry, HiLux and so on.


Watch the latest UDT video, Make Model Fields, to see how to do this.

Merry Christmas

RAMM Software wishes all our clients and RAMM users an excellent holiday break and we look forward to 2017 with you all.


RAMM Software will also be taking a break. The RAMM offices will close at 12:00 pm NZDT on Friday 23rd December 2016. They will reopen at 7:30 am NZDT on Monday 9th January 2017.


Phone and email assistance will be available for the duration of the holiday break.

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