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8th December 2015
Keeping You Up-to-date
CAR Billing Manager
RCAs can now use CAR Manager to automate charges for work done in the Corridor Access Request application process. Just click on the An Introduction to CAR Billing Manager tile above for an overview or click here to find out everything. It is remarkably simple and convenient.
Submitica Bill Payers
Anyone designated as the Bill Payer for an applicant organisation has remarkably wide powers to view charging information for all applications made by the organisation. Just click on the Information for Submitica Bill Payers tile above for an overview or click here to find out everything.
Mobile RAMM
When someone says, Pocket RAMM, Pocket Manager or Pocket Launcher, are you confused? Just press the button below and All will be revealed.
You can use RAMM API to generate a shape that follows the road centreline but in the reverse direction? Another reason you should be using it.
Your Digital Signature
Do you ever need to sign a document to be available online and want a digital signature so you can do it? You can create your own digital signature.
Rodney Road Runners
When RSL employees aren't developing world class asset management software they do all the normal things like entering a team in the Rodney Coast to Coast multisport race. Our athletes (pictured L-R) Stacey Verner (Business Analyst and kayaker),Portia McLaughlan (Application Support Team Lead and forest runner), Bobby Peoples (Northland Weightlifting Champion and mountain biker), and Graeme Norman (General Manager and road biker), placed third amongst all the Corporate Teams (there were four in total). The announcement of their selection for Rio is under strict embargo at this time.
Easy Asset Assessment
There is a logic to having Pocket RAMM Operators perform Assessments while they are out in the field standing next to an Asset. Why not Assess it when they are there anyway? Check out how easy it is for the Pocket RAMM Operators here.
Simple Dispatch Inspections
Both the Network Owner and the Contractor and have reason to audit work performed under a maintenance contract. So either can create a list of Completed Dispatches for their auditors or inspectors to inspect. See it in action here
Farewell Max
Farewell Max
If you have ever called RAMM Support, chances are that you know Max Chilmeran's cheery voice. Max has left us after 4 years of patiently listening to your issues and then resolving them. In his time with RSL, Max became the mobile RAMM guru, resolving both client hardware problems and any Pocket RAMM or Pocket Manager software issues. We wish him every success with his next step.
Max also took on the role as one of the Pocket RAMM trainers. He had input into the Pocket Launcher training material here.
Auto Claiming
Auto Claiming Made Easy
Auto Claiming, sometimes called Auto Estimating, is the automation of Claim or Estimate line generation when a Job or Dispatch is Completed. Field crews using Pocket RAMM can Complete a Job and generate the Claim or Estimate lines automatically without needing to be familiar with the Claim and Estimation process. To see Auto Claiming in action click here (3:15). Watch an overview of Auto Claiming setup here (3:35) and if you want to set up Auto Claiming Rules so that it matches your workflows, click here (6:18).
Conflicting events are a major concern for Corridor Managers when they are assessing CAR Applications for Approval. That is why you can overlay the CAR Manager map with other CAR Applications, the RCA's maintenance Jobs, and the RCA's Forward Work Programme.
The next step is to be able to view the Utilities' Forward Work Programmes on the CAR Manager map. RSL is looking for assistance in designing and implementing this. If you would like to be involved contact Graeme Norman.
Train with RAMM in 2016
RAMM 101 is the core RAMM Training course. In 2016 this course will be run in NZ every second Tuesday from February to November. In Australia, courses are timed after consultation with the RAMM client requesting the training.The NZ Training Courses take place in the Training Room at the RSL offices in 102 Rosedale Road, Rosedale, Auckland. Australian Training Courses take place at client sites. The RAMM 101 Training Schedule is available here. The RAMM 101 Course Content is available here. Email RAMM Training here.
Pocket RAMM Training Courses are usually held on the client site. These training sessions are by agreement. To find out more about Pocket RAMM Training click here.
RAMM Contractor Training Courses are also usually held on the client site. These training sessions are by agreement. Click here to find out more.
RAMM Contractor Online Training Courses are available on our web site here.There are courses on (1) Initial Dispatch selection to optimise the Dispatches in your list when you open the Dispatch maintenance screen, (2) Filtering the Dispatch list by Fault Category for reporting purposes, (3) Filtering the Dispatch list by Operator when you want to check the workload of a particular operator, (4) Filtering the Dispatch list by Road for when you want to assign all jobs in a particular Road to one operator, and (5) Creating, saving and sharing Layouts which optimise the data displayed for each Job in the Dispatch list.
Other RAMM Training Courses are held when demand is there. These are held in the RAMM Training Room in NZ and at the client sites in Australia. They are for RAMM users who want to know more about Assessment, Asset Valuation, Forward Work Programme and more. To find out more about RAMM Training click here. Email RAMM Training here.
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