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Keeping You Up-to-date

Keeping You Up-to-date


1st April 2016
Excellence in Asset Management
Campbell Newman
Welcome to RAMM. I'm Campbell Newman, MD of the company that develops and supports the RAMM Software Suite and I'm proud to have been intimately involved with RAMM for all of its 30 years. It is great news that WALGA has chosen our company to be your first line of Support from June 1st this year. This Support will involve help over the phone, by email and remote access to user computers. We'll be offering plenty of training options including training courses, webinars, online training and videos. We are looking forward to a seamless changeover and a long and successful relationship with you all. Thank you for choosing RAMM.
Pocket RAMM User
Asset managers use RAMM to manage and maintain their assets. Users can see all their assets on a map, in a grid and in detail. Our mobile solution, Pocket RAMM, empowers users to manage and maintain asset records while standing next to them. Find out more about all the RAMM applications here and here.
RAMM Trainers
We'll be offering plenty of training options including training courses such as Fundamentals of RAMM. There will be Webinars, online training, videos and more. RAMM Training is at the heart of RAMM user success.
Training Calendar
The RAMM Training calendar for Western Australia is being finalised. Fundamentals of RAMM will be the main focus initially. The course dates will be fixed. The courses will run even if there is only one attendee.
Training Venue
RSL will be running our training courses at the Trainwest facilities at 154 Epsom Avenue, Belmont, Perth. Check them out on the map here. Check the web site here. We will also run courses on client sites by negotiation.
RAMM Web Site
The RAMM web site is a resource for all RAMM users. It is where you log in. There are product descriptions and associated videos. There are clear instructions on accessing user help. It contains all the training schedules and course descriptions.
ROMAN II Support Ends on 31st May 2016
From 1 June 2016, we will be providing all user support and training for the RAMM suite of software. Nearer the time, we will introduce your new RAMM Support and Consulting Teams and explain how to contact them should you need their assistance.
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