You can use UDTs to manage a surprising range of assets in RAMM. See below for details.
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RAMM Software Newsletter March 2014

Welcome to our March Newsletter. This month we bring you:

  • Manage your assets with User Defined Tables (UDTs)
  • Welcome Catherine Hoeberechts
  • RAMM Tip - add UDT assets in RAMM GIS
  • Pocket RAMM has a wonderful new interface.

Manage your assets with User Defined Tables (UDTs) 

RAMM users are now managing an astonishing array of assets, non assets and condition data using RAMM v6.1 UDTs. These include but are not restricted to:
  • Buildings
  • Bus Lanes
  • Bus Shelters
  • Car Parks
  • Cycle Lanes
  • Electronic Signs
  • Heavy Traffic Routes
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Litter Bins
  • Open Spaces
  • Parking Meters
  • Pipes
  • Slips
  • Traffic Cameras
  • Wharves
  • Works Programmes for non-pavement assets.

Learn More?
There is a complete video set explaining the set up and use of UDTs. If you are:

  • new to UDTs, go here
  • adding a UDT and want screen by screen help go here
  • interested in managing complex assets such as bulidings and open spaces go here
  • keen to learn about powerful and flexible custom columns go here
  • wanting to just watch all the videos in a logical order, go here.

Welcome Catherine Hoeberechts

Catherine has joined RSL as a Support Consultant. Her recent experience has been primarily with database management. This makes Catherine an ideal person to join the team at RAMM.

She managed both the cervical screening and breast screening databases for Health Waikato for many years. From there she moved to the Waikato District Council (WDC) to manage their Roading database. That was when she discovered RAMM.  

Those of you who were at the 2012 RAMM User Group meeting will remember Catherine's amusing yet insightful presentation on data accuracy. It is this light touch combined with a serious understanding of the RAMM database which she brings to the role.

Initially, Catherine will focus her efforts on helping manage the RAMM v6.1 upgrade project, as well as spreading the good news about the UDT improvements and the new RAMM Detail page.

RAMM Tip - add UDT assets in RAMM GIS

RAMM GIS is now where you add your UDT assets.

When you create a UDT to manage your asset and condition data which are not in the standard RAMM set, Grid and Detail screens are automatically created in RAMM for them. Previously this is where you would add your records.

Now you can add assets in RAMM GIS and it is really simple. Just turn on the map's satellite view, locate the asset on the map and draw a shape on top of it. When you save the shape the RAMM Detail page will open. There you can complete the details of the UDT asset. Find out more here.

Pocket RAMM has a wonderful new interface 

Operators who have used the patrol functions of Pocket RAMM, quickly came to appreciate its advanced user interface. This interface is now available to all RAMM 6.1 users. You can see it below.

Users who are unfamiliar with this style of interface can readily view the differences between the old and the new by watching a series of very short videos here.

As databases are upgraded to the new version of RAMM, our friendly and helpful support staff have been holding meetings to introduce Pocket RAMM users to the new look and feel. These videos have been used at those meetings.

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Hosting Administration

Hosting Administration

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What's New in RAMM version 6.1

Release Notes
Did you know that with each Production release and each Beta release of the RAMM software, the changes made to the RAMM suite are detailed for you to read here?

CAR Manager Updated
There have been improvements to CAR Manager. Administrators can now replace staff members. The search from within the map boundaries has been improved. Find out more here.

RAMM GIS Updated
There have been improvements to RAMM GIS. There are now clever layer labeling options. Shapes being edited are now translucent and when you are adding an asset in RAMM GIS your road linking options have been improved. Find out more here.
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