UDT Data Validation Rules in the next Production Build

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RAMM Software Newsletter December 2014

In this issue:

  • Asset Valuation Transformation Underway
  • Define Data Validation Rules for UDTs
  • RSL office Hours Over Holiday Period
  • Submitica is Coming in January
  • Welcome Portia to the Support team.

Asset Valuation Transformation Underway

Nigel Lynton has been charged with transforming Asset Valuation. After receiving the responses to the recent discussion document, his vision is a proactive system which tells the user when potential issues arise, and takes the user directly to the solution. The system will inform the user that, for instance, "This asset is due for its next valuation on..." or "These assets need this information before they can be assessed" and "You have ... number of assets which have never been valued. Would you like to value them now?"

Asset Valuation will be browser-based and usable on internet-capable devices. 

Define Data Validation Rules for UDTs


Data Validation Rules help users add assets easily and accurately. You can define Data Validation Rules for your User Defined Tables so that, depending on whichever value is in one field, other fields are cleared, disabled, have default values, or may have only one of a group of values.

Learn about UDT Data Validation Rules here and then adding them here.

UDT Data Validation Rules are available in the current Beta version of RAMM. They are not currently available on Pocket RAMM.

RSL Office Hours Over the Holiday Period

Our offices will close from 12.00 pm Weds 24 December 2014 until 7.30 am Mon 12 January 2015. Phone and email support will be available during this time.

Submitica is Coming in January

The RCAs who use CAR Manager asked RSL to create a solution for Corridor Access Request (CAR) applicants to submit their applications to the RCAs. So we have created Submitica. It is in Beta until early January 2015. You can view it at RCAs should watch this. (5:35) CAR Applicants should watch this. (3:49)
Please note that logins to Submitica will not be possible until its public release in January.

Welcome Portia to the Support Team

We are delighted to welcome Portia McLaughlan to the Support Team. She is pictured here on the right, with Nee Mackenzie on the left.
Initially Portia will focus on learning our CAR Manager/Submitica and Pocket RAMM applications. Portia recently moved to NZ from the UK. In her last role, she was an Applications Analyst for the London Borough of Camden Council, where she supported a variety of applications.
When not working, Portia enjoys all sports and is a keen Lacrosse player.


Import Moderated ONRC Data

Once you have exported your ONRC data and sent the file to NZTA, your data will be moderated by the NZTA geospatial group. They will return the moderated file to you. You then import the moderated file. You can see how to do this here. You can see the ONRC process here.

What's New in RAMM

You can read about the new releases of the Production and Beta Builds for the RAMM suite of products.  That is  because there are always Release Notes to tell you the changes made. Check out the changes here.

RAMM Training

Training Course Diary
The Training Courses planned for 2015 are available here.

Auto Claiming

Auto Claiming (sometimes called Auto Estimating), works by having rules to determine which Claim lines will be automatically added for a combination of Fault Category and Priority Code. They can be configured so that Claim lines are added with or without input from the Pocket RAMM operator. For an Introduction to Auto Claiming go here. To check out the Auto Claiming video series go here.
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