The RAMM User Group is meeting again at Eden Park.
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RAMM Software Newsletter August 2014

Don't Miss Out - Register Now for the RAMM User Group (RUG) Conference

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The 2014 RUG Conference is on Thursday 18th September at Eden Park in Auckland. We have well over 100 registrations so far, but it’s not too late. Register now here.

Engaging, Stimulating, Useful
The morning sessions will be a mix of RAMM users and RAMM staff who will be talking about what's working well, what's new, and what's next.

Those of you who were at the 2012 RUG Conference will remember the engaging and useful presentations. This year we promise more of the same, including RAMM’s integration plans, our recent improvements to (and the future direction of) RAMM GIS and our progress with CAR Manager and Submitica. Check out the RSL staff presentation lineup here. The RAMM User presentation lineup will be released soon.

View, Try, Discuss
In the afternoon the conference will split into smaller groups, where you will get the opportunity to experience hands-on demonstrations of aspects of the RAMM Suite. These sessions will range from the new features you have asked for, to refreshers for the hardy annuals.

RAMM Hospitality
They say it tastes better when you've earned it. At the conclusion of the Conference, we invite everyone to stay and enjoy some RAMM hospitality, while looking out over Eden Park and reminiscing about some of the great sporting moments that the ground has experienced.

Manage Footpaths in RAMM GIS and RAMM Detail

You can now manage your Footpath records on the map in RAMM GIS and in RAMM Detail. This includes adding Footpath records. You’ll see greater accuracy of Footpath shape files and correct representation of Footpaths not situated along the length of a road. Watch Footpaths (9:14)

Where Are Reports I Saved

One great RAMM feature is the option to generate reports and then export and save the results. Some users then can’t find the exported file. Watch this video to understand your personal RAMM Hosting Service (RHS) folder structure, how to access your C drive from the RHS and how to locate reports you have saved but can’t find. Watch Where Are the Reports I Saved? (3:12)


RAMM Training Links

Training Courses
The Training Courses we offer are here.

Training Course Diary
The Training Courses planned for 2014 are here.
Hosting Administration


ONRC Process
Here is an overview of the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) Process (11:56).

Add a Criterion
Watch this to discover how to Add a Criterion (1:28) and then watch Remove a Criterion (0:37).

Add an Override
You can override the road classification. Watch Add an Override (0:47).

Reset a Category
If you make an error, you can Reset a Category (0:18).

What's New in RAMM

Release Notes
With each Production and Beta release of RAMM software, the changes made are detailed for you to read here?
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