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9th September 2016
RAMM now handles Stormwater pipes
RAMM handles Road-related Assets incredibly well and our User Defined Tables (UDTs) enable you to manage other Asset types such as Parks and Reserves. Now, we now introduce Stormwater, the first of our RAMM Utilities Assets. Contact Support to find out more.
The Stormwater UDT heirarchy and structure

While RAMM has been used in Western Australia for over five years with upgrades and refinements made during that time, little has changed with respect to Stormwater data collection. The existing Drainage and Surface Water Channel Asset Tables meet the requirements for Main Roads IRIS reporting requirements. However they do not effectively give enough information to LGs to facilitate the necessary asset management of a Stormwater system.

View Stormwater Assets on the RAMM GIS Map

Working together with ARRB on a WALGA-commissioned project, RSL is pleased to make available the new UDT, Stormwater Assets, that will help to overcome the following key issues which have been identified:

  • LGs requiring varying levels of detail for their individual operational requirements.
  • Making the user interface easier and allowing for geospatial representation.
  • Ensuring that Stormwater Assets can be linked.
  • Providing a way for an LG to move to a Condition-based valuation methodology for its Assets.
By utilising the flexibility of our UDTs, RSL has created Stormwater Templates that will meet these requirements.

Stormwater Assets in RAMM Detail
When working with this UDT template in RAMM GIS and RAMM Detail, we are now able to link, expand and view any part of the Stormwater system on the Network. Assets on the Map in RAMM GIS are available in RAMM Detail and vice versa.
Use Pocket RAMM to attach photos and videos with Stormwater Asset records
You can link video and photo inspections taken with your Pocket RAMM device with any Stormwater Asset. You can also supply mapping information within an LG using the WFS. So working with Stormwater in RAMM GIS is a powerful option for an Asset Management Team.
Manage Open Spaces and Buildings
The mobile capability of Pocket RAMM Inspections, makes updating the actual Condition of Stormwater Components while on site, much simpler for the user. This is a major improvement to current practices. This means that Stormwater Asset management has just become much simpler and more efficient.
User Defined Table Videos

By providing well defined Asset Templates to our Clients via the established system of UDTs, we are now able to provide an Asset Management Team with an ability to manage all Assets within their Network. Here are some video links outlining what is currently possible in RAMM.

  • An Overview of the UDT videos here.
  • An Introduction to UDTs here
  • Loading a Template here
  • Creating Complex UDTs here
Welcome to RAMM Training

It is a truth universally acknowledged that RAMM users trained by our RAMM Trainers are more efficient, competent, and capable. We have scheduled three 3½ day training course blocks in the Perth Trainwest facilities. These will run even if there is only one person registered. You can register for one, two or three courses here. Check out the course costs here.

Essential RAMM

  • 20th September, 18th October, 15th November

Asset Management and Pocket RAMM

  • 21st September, 19th October, 16th November

Asset Maintenance and Pocket RAMM

  • 22nd + 23rd September, 20th + 21st October, 17th + 18th November

Register Here
We are now taking registrations for the remaining three training course sets for 2016. Click REGISTER HERE below to open the registration form. Complete your details. Select the course(s) and date(s) and submit them. Your application will be confirmed by return email. One of our helpful trainers will contact you to assist from there.
Essential RAMM Training Course
Essential RAMM is the course for newcomers to RAMM or for those who have used RAMM for a while but would like to be able to do more. A wide range of topics is covered. The basic RAMM concepts are explained. Course attendees will leave with a good grasp of RAMM best practice.
Asset Management and RAMM Training Course
Asset Management and Pocket RAMM is an advanced course for users to learn to optimise RAMM to match their business practices. Attendees will learn advanced RAMM topics and concepts. Many users who attend Essential RAMM will choose to attend this course on the following day.
Asset Maintenance and Pocket RAMM Training Course
Asset Maintenance and Pocket RAMM is a one and one half day course for users who want to learn how to manage their network assets using a combination of both our maintenance and pricing application (RAMM Contractor) and our mobile RAMM application, Pocket RAMM.
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