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 Letter from Our Legacy Leader
Hello everyone and happy New Year to you all. It's been an interesting year at LivingRoots full of challenges and ideas for the future. We're excited to announce that our service will be FREE to the first 500 families who sign up. In the beginning , our main goal was to give people the chance to connected privately with the people and the stories that truly matter. Start your families' free account today and secure your memories and moments over a lifetime of living. 

-Nicole Trimboli
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What does it mean to be authentic? When users take to social media and post something from their life, it's usually a picture that looks like they're having the time of their life. It's the highlight reel , not the full story. So how do we get back to being authentic online? Our digital world is controlled, not like the real world. We can shape and define what others see and to be authentic means that all sides of us are revealed. There are few people in the world we can truly be ourselves with so why not connect with them in a space that encourages authenticity. 

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How many of you have empty baby books taking up space under a coffee table or in your closet? Perhaps you post a picture of your little monster everyday for the world to see, but will that be helpful to your son or daughter when they're older and they want to know more about their childhood? Here's the good news. Children won't be looking through old boxes for photos; they'll be looking online. Organize their life story as they grow up so they have a place to go and see the special moments from their childhood.  
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One of the stories that I remember being told over and over was the time my brother threw a glass of water in my grandmother's face while she was sleeping and yelled "SURPRISE!"

No matter how many times I hear it or think of it, it always makes me smile. We all have unique stories that only our family can truly appreciate. Now we need somewhere for them to go so that your great great grandchildren will know them. We've got those tools to capture the dysfunction and joy of each and every unique family. 
LivingRoots - Capturing Family Memories

If someone asked you, "What's Your Life Story?" would you know where to even start? Think of your 8 great grandparents...can you name them, or know anything about their personality or life? Unfortunately most of us don't. Memories fade, and stories are forgotten. Not because they don't matter, but because time has a way of erasing details. Your life story is more than a highlight reel. Who better to tell it than you? 

LivingRoots - Leave Your Legacy
You ever come across old photos that have been living in a box for decades? If they take too long to surface, the story behind the image may be lost. This is my great grandmother on my father's side, Minerva. I never met her but there's only a few people left that remember her well. We can help preserve our relatives' legacy together so no one is forgotten. 
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