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Fall is bittersweet for me. I absolutely love summer, but there’s something beautiful about the seasons changing. The natural world around us simply slows down to allow for the transition. The grass doesn’t grow as fast and the morning takes much longer to warm up. With Halloween just around the corner, we can’t avoid the inevitable winter that’s sure to come. It’s a time to reflect, regroup, and transition into something new. What are some of your favorite memories of fall? Did your family do some leaf peeping?

-Nicole Trimboli
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What seems like just another day was no doubt an iconic moment in the past. One of my favorite tools to learn fun facts is On This Day , a website dedicated to archiving big moments on a specific month/day throughout history. So today, on October 17th, 1963 the Beatles recorded, “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” What do you remember about that song? Where were you in your life when you first heard it?  

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Coming up with the perfect costume was always stressful and exciting. I think I was She-Ra 3 years in a row. It’s amazing how imaginative our minds are when we’re kids. When I pulled the trash bag with graphics on , along with a “mask”; I felt like the most powerful superhero in the universe. What was your favorite Halloween costume? Have you uploaded it to your LivingRoots timeline yet? What's the laugh factor?
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Nothing says fall like a squash soup- It’s the right color, the right temp and it’s delicious. This is my favorite recipe.  For an easy and fun Halloween dinner take a look at spaghetti eyeballs. Maybe exchange regular pasta for black pasta to spook it out even more!
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Trick-o-treating, pumpkins and ghouls are staples in today’s version of Halloween here in the United States. Fun fact: 25% percent of annual candy sales happen around Halloween. Beware the houses handing out tooth brushes! 

Halloween can be traced back thousands of years to the Celtics and although the name was different, the connection is clear. The Celts observed a day that marked the end of harvest as well as the deceased members of the community and on this sacred day, it’s said that the dead came back in spirit to be among the living. The Celts celebrated this through a gathering and large bonfire where they sacrificed some harvest and animals in hopes to see the future. The day was called Samhain and was held on the last day of October. 

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I can’t lie. I’m a sucker for a pumpkin spice latte when the air begins to chill. Never mind the 1 million calories; it makes me feel warm and fuzzy in the middle. Every coffee shop is just dying to share their fall concoction with you, but if you’d rather create your own at home, check out these delicious fall beverages that are sure to warm your soul.

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