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The holidays evoke emotions all over the spectrum. It's not uncommon for love and warmth to fill the room when we're gathered with loved ones. It's okay to slow down and enjoy these moments and let go of the logistics of who sits where and when to do what. Nostalgia can't help but creep in as we listen to stories we've heard every year and reflect on past holiday occasions and events. We encourage you to take the time and think about what makes the holiday season special to you and embrace the traditions, the bad movies, and the warmth that is unique to you and your family. 

-Nicole Trimboli
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How many homemade ornaments from childhood still hang on your tree? Remember how proud you were to give your parents the masterpiece you created in 2nd grade? Some how this little gem survived the years of moving and packing and dogs and cats that constantly took items off the tree every Christmas. This year why not add an activity to your gathering and make some simple ornaments together that are festive and easy to make while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the 29th time? Cork Reindeer will not only clear out your cork collection but give you something to gather around and having meaningful conversations with loved ones. 

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You may be wondering why your Aunt Edna always gives you an orange at Christmas. No it's not that she forgot to get your something and was scrambling; there's much more behind that orange than most of us realize. Before Santa was created over the years, there was a real St. Nicholas that took it upon himself to help a poor family in need. In the night, he placed 3 gold bags of gold to pay the dowries for 3 daughters who may have been sold into slavery had he not left these gifts. It is said, Oranges represent the 3 bags of gold. There are other theories surrounding the tradition of oranges at Christmas. Just know, crazy aunt Edna has a rhyme and a reason, so ask her why next time she proudly presents her orange. 
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So what exactly does the Nutcracker have to do with Christmas? We see these figures everywhere around the holidays. The story of the Nutcracker originates in Germany. They  were given as gifts for luck and protection. Many of them were shaped like animals and did not become widely popular until the 1800s. The nutcracker has been a big part of my holiday tradition since I was 5 years old. Each year, my mother and I must go see the Nutcracker Ballet and blare the soundtrack when we decorate our respective homes for Christmas.
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Why did the Nutcracker gain popularity in the 1800s? On this day, December 18th 1892, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet premiered. Tchaikovsky's ballet became global by the 1950s and is still performed all over the world during holiday season. Professional dance companies and world renowned orchestras perform this timeless production that oozes the holiday spirit. 

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Perhaps you're not someone who particularly cares for the holiday season, let alone the holiday spirit. There's pressure to give gifts and eat and be merry all the time. Maybe your family doesn't necessarily get along making the holidays, more of a stressful time of year rather than "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year." Check out this list of what to do if you're NOT a fan of holiday cheer. Pay special attention to #11 . No matter your opinion on the holidays, it often brings us together with the people who know us best, and love us most. Use the time you have together to love them back. 

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