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Safety and support are something we all consider all the time in our everyday lives. Think about a  riding  in car. What makes you feel more safe: a seat belt, or a good driver? The seat belt is secondary to the operator right? People over things consistently make us feel safer. I have a bat stationed in every room in case of an intruder, but what makes me feel safe is my crazy dog who will not allow a spider to come in the house unannounced. When I feel sick, I still call my mom along with taking the necessary medicine I think will help me feel better. Having people (or pets) who have your back will always make you feel safer than any THING you can buy. Who makes you feel safe when you're in a jam?

-Nicole Trimboli
Are You Safe and Secure?
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No this is not a parade dedicated to scary fish, it's a shot from the 1929 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade! Helium Balloons were added in 1927 and at the end of each parade, they were released. Owners offered a $100 reward if the balloons were returned so pilots went out and recklessly attempted to capture them...After all, $100 bucks was a lot of money then! Over the years, many aspects have stayed in place with a few (understandable adjustments) like adding a televised broadcast in 1945. Did your family gather to watch the parade? Maybe you've actually attended this timeless, ridiculous tradition. 

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When LivingRoots was starting to become a reality, I reached out to my parents for some old photos. There were so many I'd never seen before. If my mom, had  shown these to me when I was young I don't know if I would have been that interested, but to see them now brings a feeling of nostalgia and mystery. This is a picture of my grandparents and great grandfather, Julio. I was lucky enough to know Julio as a child, but I don't remember much about him. Where do you organize and store old photos that tell the stories of the past? Maybe it's time to try something new.
Leave Your Legacy
LivingRoots - Leave Your Legacy

What's more "Fall" than curling up with a good tea and a great book? I've been addicted to Paromi tea for the last few years, no thanks to an organic loving hippie friend of mine. I say this because it's not cheap, but it's well worth it. If you're into mysterious stories that make you wonder, check out "The Forgetting Time." Noah is a young boy who speaks of a past life...Or perhaps it's all in his head.  Don't want to ruin it for you! 

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Do you have traditional treats you make for the fall season? Perhaps you're adventurous and like to integrate new items to your repertoire. Cooking and baking have always been an element passed down from generation to generation. There are coveted recipes that grandma kept under her pillow next to a pistol and only in her passing would the secret be passed along. Add some images to LivingRoots and share the stories of the kitchen. Maybe you decided to take on the latest Pinterest challenge but ended up with something like these "Turkey Cookies." 

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Thanksgiving has mutated into a food feast and a shoppers dream. I'm not sure which one people get more excited about. When I was a kid we always had Thanksgiving at my Uncle's House. There was turkey and stuffing and all the staples you'd expect. What was also guaranteed was a handful of people I'd never met. If people he knew didn't have a place to go, he'd always invite them into his home. What traditions and rituals does your family have around Thanksgiving? Share your stories in one place so you great great great grand kids know what Thanksgiving looked like for you. 

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