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FREE: Motivational Quotes Book: The Best Inspirational Quotes for Everyday Life, Confidence & Success by Serge Kozlovsky

Price: FREE 04/19/2022 – 04/20/2022 Download It Now! How often have you been confused or felt like a complete loser? Did you realize that life is passing you by? Have you experienced disappointment and felt inexplicable anxiety about tomorrow? Did you feel empty and unable to act? If you answered yes to any of these […]
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FREE: The Girl Who Sees Angels by Jeffrey McClain Jones

Price: FREE 04/19/2022 – 04/21/2022 Download It Now! SOPHIE RAMOS has always had visions—perceptions of beings others don’t see. Even her mother doubted her as a child. Psychiatrists doubted her too. Psychics tried to recruit her to enrich and empower themselves. Now she’s thirty-two, living on her own, and sharing her secret only with her […]
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The Awakening by Ryan Sova

The Awakening By Ryan Sova Kindle Price: $1.99 Paperback Price: $11.99 Buy It Now! It is written that once long ago, God became very angry with the inhabitants of this world. In his wrath, God sent a great flood to wash away the wicked people of this world. Or so the story tells us. But […]
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MC Romance | Looking for Reviews!

Fighting Back by Shay Michaelson

What do you do when the past you've been desperately running from finally catches up to you? Do you walk away from the life you’ve built and the woman you love, or do you fight?

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