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Hello <<First Name>>,

I have prepared this email because I would like to hear from you. I’m sharing with you what's been keeping me busy and happy. Here you can find the latest appreciation of "Rio de Pétalas" Book from Adobe InDesign; One of my recent collaborations with Unit Architekti studio; And the new Branding for Âu Çơ, the vietnamese restaurant.

Best regards,
Pedro Pinto Silva

Âu Cơ 
Âu Cơ is a vietnamese restaurant that has been serving tradition with a twist of innovation in Czech Republic and soon in other countries of central Europe.
Unit Architekti
Unit Architekti ask me to redesign their website and readjust their logo.
"Poetry book/ebook where the readers may listen their favorite poem while reading or maybe while falling asleep." Featured in Adobe InDesign page.
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