October 2014 Newsletter: Letter from Jill; News fro Stovers; Volunteer Opportunities;Sponsorship Opportunities; First Half Financials
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Letter from the President

Dear Walindwa Supporters,

A dream of mine when I moved to Kenya in 2008 was to open a computer lab at EBCCK. On our last trip in July we did just that! Thanks to the Pfizer Corporation!  Pfizer donated 20 laptops/tablets that the team was able to hand deliver.  Most of the screens are touch screen and swivel and will make excellent learning tools for the children and young adults.  One of our main objectives was not only to instruct the primary and high school students, but also train the teachers so they could continue using the computers once the team returned to the US. Our computer team consisted of 5 adults and 3 teenagers who were blessed to have almost 8 days of computer training.  Going forward, please pray for things that we take for granted in the US... such as electricity and stable internet. 

Jill Weller

Jill I. 
President & CEO
In This Issue
News From the Stovers

We are pleased to report that all the children are doing fine.  Two represented the school in a math contest. Five plan to run either 2 km or 5 km during a marathon in October. Vincent has taken on the role of preparing them for the marathon by leading practice sessions, although some of them still need running shoes.  Our school year is coming to an end with 7 children in Standard 8 who will take the test and prepare for entering Form 1 (high school).  At our new Elma Kamonong High School the Form 1 students have already finished their curriculum and Mr. Keter, the principal, has actually authorized the teachers to begin the Form II (sophomore) curriculum. The students will be taking a diagnostic test to see how well they know the Form I material and we will then fill in any gaps they have in their knowledge.   

With our thanks and appreciation for your concern and support, 

Roy and Helen Stover
Volunteer Opportunities

Walindwa is interested in a Marketing Assistant with an eye for decorating and design that can coordinate a bulletin board once a year and prepare a table display, at minimum twice a year. It is a chance to bring sponsors closer and make potential donors aware of our genuine heart for God and these special children.
We are also looking for an Hospitality Assistant who can prepare two annual events.  The first is to host Walindwa, Asante Sana, which is an annual event to thank the dedicated sponsors and diligent donors for their contributions. The other is the Annual Meeting, which will host current sponsors and donors. This event will also allow for a presentation from the Walindwa Board to address the year in review and forward planning to encourage continued support and enlighten new potential sponsors and donors.

At present these are the two physical opportunities we have to share how Walindwa changes the lives of children in Kenya. 

Please contact Terry Norwood if you are interested in either of these volunteer opportunities.  She may be reached at or 858-829-5190.
Sponsorship Opportunities

As a child, I can remember singing the rhyming song “Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.” Each trip to Elma Barnett Children’s Centre in Kamonong gives us the delightful opportunity to meet the new children who have come to live there – our new silver friends.  This visit we are welcoming the following new students to our Elma family:   
-  Amos K. age 9 - primary school
-  Dennis K. age 9 - primary school
-  Winnie C. age 13 - standard 7
These children are all in need of a sponsor to provide financial support for their education.  They join our “golden” friends – high school students at EBCCK who have yet to be matched and whose needs are becoming critical:
•    Irine J     Female    Form II  
•    Hillary    Male    Form III             
•    Jane    Female    Form III
•    Selina    Female    Form III
•    Kelvin     Male     Form IV 
•    Mary    Female    Form IV
•    Rispa    Female    Form IV
If you are moved to become that special person, the person who can ensure these children have a full education and a chance for an independent life, please email me at .  You may learn more about the Walindwa sponsorship program on our website at
First Half Financials

Yes, You and You and You: all of the Walindwa supporters who are reading this!  Thanks to you, during the first half of 2014, Walindwa was able to increase the amount of support given to the children of Kenya by more than 1000%, compared to the same period in 2013.  Our team of volunteers works hard to ensure as much money as possible goes to the kids, so our non-program expenses for the first six months of 2014 were only $ 594.  If you ever have any questions about Walindwa’s finances, please contact our treasurer, Beth Nidzieko, at or 858-487-5637.
Jan – Jun
Jan – Jun
Donations received by Walindwa $ 53,500 $ 7,400
Cash & goods sent to Kenya by Walindwa $ 32,500 $ 2,800
Funds awaiting distribution:    
Sponsorship $ 9,900 $ 3,500
EBCCK General Support & High School $    750 $    500
EBCCK Electrical project $ 8,850  
Solar Lanterns & Mammograms $    500 $    600
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