Psychiatric Medication Dangers
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Can a Medication Make You Crazy?

What kind of a person would murder their own children? A sociopath, right? A deranged menace to society who deserves to be removed from society for life.

What if I told you that this person could be you, just one psychiatric medication prescription away from who you are today. 

With a bottle of Seroquel nearby, Sofya Tsygankova, was found at the scene of her own children’s violent murder in Texas today. There is an untold story of the vast and irreversible risks of psychotropic drugs, doled out to millions, without any rigorous diagnostic procedure, any screening for risk vulnerabilities, or any true informed consent about what is known around the amplified benefits and the suppressed risks of these interventions.

We have been told a story about mental illness – that it is a likely heritable disease that strikes at some point in a patient’s life, never to be undone, requiring permanent medication treatment.

The truth is that what we are calling mental illness – from panic attacks to depression to psychosis – are symptoms of mismatch with lifestyle. These symptoms can result from physiologic imbalances (think thyroid or food intolerances), psychospiritual imbalances (think overwhelming job or abusive marriage) and are modern day syndromes that essentially invite us to revisit our day-to-day lives.

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