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You’ve Unlocked the First-Level Prize
In the Grassroots Campaign!

I’m Saying “Thank You” with a Live Q&A!

Thanks to your heart-warming response to our Grassroots Campaign, we've hit the first benchmark of 100 selfies! As promised, this has “unlocked” the first level prize – a Live Facebook Q&A – where I will address some of the many questions that you have about my book, A Mind of Your Own, and this radical approach to wellness. I’m really looking forward to connecting with everyone who joins us.

We Did It! We Made the List!

And It Couldn't Have Happened Without You!

Next week, A Mind of Your Own will debut at #10 on the hardest list to crack – the New York Times Best Seller List. What this REALLY says goes much deeper – it speaks loudly to the fact that people are ready for a new health story. In this story, people are empowered. They are vital. They OWN their bodies and minds. And they no longer accept the worn-out paradigm that how you feel is something to merely suppress with medication.

There's a new story – and a new way – that's resonating with the masses. Let’s keep shouting it from the rooftops until everyone who needs to hear it, does.

Latest Article

Do 5 Million Americans
Really Have Bipolar Disorder?

“I have Bipolar disorder” …say 5.7 million Americans. These patients have been labeled, categorized, and offered an understanding of themselves as diseased, sick, and permanently broken.

Considered one of the more severe mental illnesses, perhaps because it presents almost as an amalgamation of psychosis and depression in particularly volatile form. In my training, I was taught to medicate these patients, often with multiple medications, and often against their will.

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Interview with High Intensity Health

Depression & Anxiety Tips for Women

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health about everything from gut health to brain health to my own personal morning routine. I also share the excitement that came from putting down my prescription pad and teaching my patients what it means to truly heal.

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New Book to Heal Leaky Gut

You Want Me to Eat What?

From mental health conditions like depression and anxiety – to digestive issues like inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies – so much of our health stems from the foods we eat.

In his first book, Eat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure It, Dr. Josh Axe gets back to basics by treating the gut – which has the potential to heal a host of other symptoms.

You've heard me talk at great lengths about the emerging science surrounding the microbiome and the interplay between us and the environment we live in. And while "eating dirt" directly is probably not advised, I think you'll find the recommendations in this book to be practical and highly effective in nourishing beneficial microbes and restoring proper gut function.

If gut repair is high on your list of things to do, then pre-order a copy of Eat Dirt, and learn what you can do to heal this key area.

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