Do You Communicate Confidence, or Just Hope for the Best?


Human dialogue, in my humble opinion, has taken a turn for the worse. 

Your message is important, and how you deliver your message is equally important.  If it’s not received, your message is lost.  You don’t want that.  We have to take responsibility for what we say…and how we say it.

For example, do you have any idea how you end your sentences? Do you end your sentences with a period—or a question mark?  Do you speak in lists?

Speaking in question marks makes the words spoken less impactfull, less effective. It’s as though you’re asking for your audience’s agreement, approval or encouragement! At the very least, you’re asking them to confirm they understand. While it’s tempting to use this technique to keep listeners engaged it only serves to demonstrate that you’re not fully confident in your message.

“So, I was working on this project?”  (Posed as a question rather than a statement, you’re really fishing for feedback, for affirmation:  “Yes?  You understand?”)

“And I was hoping for more support from my team?” (“Right?  Have you been there?”)


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October 2020
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