Communicating During Quarantine


IT’S JUNE 1st, 2020 and most of us have been in quarantine or semi-isolation for going on three months. Lately, I’ve started feeling more longing to really communicate with my family. Despite our socially-distanced hikes and Zoom calls I’m feeling deprived and lonely. I haven’t hugged my granddaughters in so long, let alone my daughter and son-in-law. We are an expressive family. So,last week I suggested that we all (myself and my husband as well) sit in Council together again.

Council is something I use in my business as well. For years we have offered COUNCIL FOR BUSINESS in a practical workshop form to major corporations.

On our business page on-line there is a brief history and introduction of Council: “People have been meeting in Council for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.  It is a formalized meeting between two or more people where participants are encouraged to speak about themselves honestly and to be heard sharing what’s really important to them in life. 


Tell me more about Council for Business!

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