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Another year has fast flown by, and we once again stand back to look at what we have accomplished together in 2017.  As volunteers, fosters, adopters, financial supporters, Facebook champions, and Instagram advocates, the REDCOLLAR RESCUE family has come together to give second chances to another 200+ abandoned dogs and cats.  What a great year, thanks to all of YOU!  See some of our Special 2017 Rescue Tails below!
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A special THANK YOU from some of our 2017 Rescue Tails
Sawyer:  Sawyer was an extreme cruelty case. He was severely abused at the hands of humans, and then discarded as trash on the brink of death. He had serious medical issues including being severely emaciated, a bullet in his abdomen, multiple pelvic fractures, dislocated hips, a calcified mass in his colon impeding ability to defecate, distended bladder, dangerously high white blood count and low red blood count, sores all over his body, and much more. After 37 long days in Critical 24 Hour Care, Sawyer was finally stable enough to leave the hospital and go to a foster home. It was not long before his foster mom and feline foster siblings were smitten with Sawyer, and decided to make him a permanent part of their forever family!
Sawyers Survival Story
Watch Sawyer's Story
Twiggles:  Twiggles was picked up on the side of the road nearly unresponsive. It appears she had been hit by a car, and laid there unable to move for several days. The ER vets quickly determined she was severely anemic, emaciated, covered in fleas, and had a broken leg. Blood transfusions were immediately started, but it was doubtful Twiggles would make it through the night. At only 6 lbs, her little body was barely hanging on. But she surprised us all with her fight to live. Twiggles is now stable, her broken leg is healing, and she is dreaming of a forever home for the new year!
Niblet:  Niblet is only 1 year old and 10 lbs and was hit by a car.  She sustained a broken pelvis and dislocated hip, but at her size was lucky to be alive!  Niblet had orthopedic surgery and is now recovering and doing well.  She is sweet and gentle and needs a nice bed or soft lap to lay in.  All she wants for the new year is a forever home!
Pepper:  Pepper was picked up by animal control, and due to his injuries, they initially thought he had been shot several times with a shotgun. We rushed him to the vet and after closer inspection, it appeared his wounds were from multiple animal bites. We aren't sure, but he may have been used as a bait dog.  Pepper had so many wounds, he required 137 staples to put him back together!  Pepper remained gentle and loving throughout his healing process, and was adopted on Thanksgiving Day!
Paxton:  Paxton was severely burned all the way down his back. We don't know how he was burned, but our hearts hurt just thinking about the pain he had gone through. Despite his horrible condition, he gave lots of kisses to his rescuers. Paxton was sedated and his wounds cleaned, and he was placed on high doses of antibiotics. He received daily hydrotherapy for his burned skin for several weeks, and then underwent surgery to remove the remaining dead skin.   Paxton's new family followed his plight on Facebook, and flew all the way from Boston, MA to meet and adopt Paxton!  
Boyd:  Boyd was hit by a car that crushed his back right leg and tore off all the skin.  His leg was left untreated and was filled with maggots when his owners turned him in to the shelter to be euthanized.   RCR rescued Boyd and took him immediately to the orthopedic surgeon, hoping to save his leg, but it was too far gone.   Boyd's injured leg had to be amputated in order to save his life, but it did not slow him down!  He stole the heart of a vet tech during his recovery, and he now calls her mom, and has a look-a-like brother!
Badger: Badger was apparently hit by a car and was found on the side of the road by animal control. RCR picked up Badger from the shelter and took him immediately to the orthopedic surgeon. He required 2 separate surgeries to his fractured ankle and hip.  Badger had several tough months of rehabilitation, but thanks to the tender loving care of his foster family, he made a full recovery.  Today he is a happy little guy enjoying romps around the yard in his new home with his new family! 
Poindexter: Poindexter is just a little guy at 17 lbs. Not good odds against the car he encountered! Poindexter ended up at the shelter with a fractured left femur & fractured pelvis. These injuries are most certain death for dogs at a shelter. Rescue is their only hope. RCR saw Poindexter’s plea, and knew we had to help him. He went immediately to the vet where he had orthopedic surgery to repair his injuries. Poindexter went to a foster home to recover and they fell head over heels in love with him, and made him a permanent part of their family!
Adelaide: Adelaide was adopted from a local shelter as a puppy, but then found running loose as a stray with a torn cruciate in her leg a few months later. Her prior owners were contacted, but did not come to get her, thus Adelaide ended up on the kill list at the shelter due to her injury. RCR stepped in and saved Adelaide. She had surgery to repair the tear, and is doing great! Today Adelaide enjoys long walks with her new dad in The Woodlands!  
Skyla: Skyla suffered a severe injury to her right eye while she was trying to survive on the street.  Unfortunately, it was beyond repair, and her eye had to be removed.   It took a little while for Skyla to learn to navigate with one eye, but she is getting more comfortable every day!  And wow is she a stunner...her one remaining piercing blue will knock your socks off!.  Skyla is now living the good life with RCR alum Anya and family!
Milton: Milton ended up at a local shelter with TWO broken back legs!  Poor guy could not even walk, but still had a great attitude and was full of love!  RCR took him into our program and off he went to the orthopedic surgeon.  Two surgeries later, with an amazing spirit and will to live, Milton has now put the past behind him and is living the good life with his new forever family!  

Make a contribution to support REDCOLLAR RESCUE and enter to win one of four fabulous prizes!

Read below for all the details or click here to make your tax-deductible donation!

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  • $5,000 "Ho Ho Ho" Special Edition Blue Dog Silk Screen Print by famed American artist, George Rodrigue.  Includes conservation matting and framing donated by Hollywood Frame Gallery.
  • $1,350 BMW Cruise M Bike donated by Advantage BMW Midtown
  • $250 PETSMART gift card
  • $250 VISA gift card
Rodrigue HoHoHo Print
Red Collar Holiday Raffle Items

The drawing will be held on January 1, 2018, and winners will be notified by email the following day.

No matter the amount of your contribution, REDCOLLAR guarantees you have already received the biggest gift possible…seeing a loving rescue pet on the path to becoming a healthy, happy, furry friend ready to give back a thousand fold.

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to the animals.
You will never see a greater return on your truly life-saving contribution.

Thank you for believing in REDCOLLAR RESCUE and our unwavering commitment that every animal deserves a loving, safe forever home.
Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!
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